We need to bring together an XboxEra gaming club, where we can all play games with our XboxEra friends

lads, I’ve been talking with you all for a long time now over this forum, why haven’t we done what we’re supposed to do on Xbox and actually set up Xbox Live parties, play Sea of Thieves, Fallout 76, Forza Horizon and other multiplayer focused first party games together?

I think it’s time we as a community do some stuff together. Imagine playing in a big Minecraft xbox server together with a large party, or a huge private lobby big team battle server, or even Fallout 76 and debate Fallout lore. We need to be doing more stuff as a community to make the wait for Redfal and Starfield feel less bleak.

My gamertag is Mrbobman15 and I hope I can start setting up some weekly Xbox Live Parties together.


how should we do this? should we use Smash.GG to set everything up?

You can create a community on the Xbox itself. Everyone can add themselves to it. I’m not very familiar with it but it seems to be pretty handy at first glance.

We have a group on Xbox itself, @Doncabesa set it up I believe and we have community Halo nights once in a while

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Oh nice, I should get on that. Do we ever have fallout 76 get togethers?