We need a new Rumourmill Jingle | XboxEra Podcast

Anyone here with any music skills want to make a copyright free Rumourmill Jingle? :slight_smile:


Give me some time, and I’ll give you a jingle. Probably something on the more Lo-Fi Synthy side of things.

If you find something else no worries. I’ll just give it to you when it’s done and you can do what you wish with it after.

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If you did a cover of “I Heard a Rumour” from Bananarama, could that circumvent any copyright issues?

And if someone has a recorder you could sing on top of a bad recorder version.

Wait … Got a better idea… video Acapella version with the Xbox Era crew.

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I can whip something up in FL Studio lol


Just a suggestion - if you are making jingles, you are better off creating 4-5 jingles rather than just one. You can figure a way out about how to use them later.


Yes, good call. Only thing is that we can’t ask more than someone is willing to create.

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What about a karaoke version?

You know, I was going to suggest this as a podcast question.

The thing is, you can do a short snippet cover of a piece of music and it should be fine for replayability. I see (and hear) a lot of music analysis Youtube channels do this without issue. Throw in the XboxEra crew singing the lyrics, you should be fine.

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I think … Generally Fair Use extends to 7 seconds, however you have to provide analysis of the piece. There have been lawsuits which have been won in court where the offending song in question uses just a few note progressions similar to the other. It’s an entire can of worms that’s possibly best left untouched. In addition to that, most of the DMCA strikes and takedowns are from automated bots that do audio scrapping comparisons.

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I was just thinking what if a disclaimer was added at the end, sort of like how drug companies do for ads where it’s extremely quick. Something along the lines of what Nick said about this being the “rumour mill” and not the “confirmation mill”.

“Xbox Era Podcast not responsible for websites posting these rumours as facts.”


I like this :grin: