WB Montrèal's new (Batman) game teases thread (UP: Teaser Trailer)


Seems to be part of the in-game map.

How to get:

  1. Go to r3dakt3d.com

  2. Type 761, 941, & 364

Interesting tease, seems that when the teases are finished, the whole map will be shown. Any Batheads in here that can recognize any landmarks?

Teaser Trailer up:


Apparently it’s Court of Owls related?


Yeah, going off of their teasers last year & the tease yesterday, the Court seem to be heavily involved.

there’s literally an own in one of the frames in the teaser yesterday haha, so I’m 100% sure it’s related to that.

From what I’ve been hearing from readers of the comics this is a big deal!

Ah I see, I had no idea. Had not seen the teaser myself. Hopefully we get a proper reveal Saturday.


Changed the title and added the two new teases. Very blatantly a Batman game (not that we didn’t already know that) :wink:.

New image is up. I used my (admittedly poor Photoshop skills) to blend all three images together.

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Well, last of the teases. Now we just have to wait for Fandome.

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Very excited for this. It feels like we have been hearing forever about DC games in development.


I can’t wait for the reveal. We need a really good batman game with all the 4K goodness. I’m sure it will be amazing ! Maybe it will be the game that launch the next-gen graphics with night time and rain effect.

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We’re finally close to the reveal, and i’ve been waiting this for sooooo long.

Also, most of those rumours are, in fact, leaks. Get ready for the Batfamily, Court of Owls and all that stuff you guys been hearing about.


Oddly… The first thing I thought of seeing this is the map in Crackdown 3.

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But when is that Harry Potter game? Asking the real questions…

I hope batman is great, but I have zero excitement till I actually see the damn thing.

I remember them seeing we would see something soon and that was a year ago :stuck_out_tongue:

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What time will this game and Suicide Squad be revealed?

Note: I’m in US Central Time (which is -6:00 hours GMT)

WB Montrèal - 12:25 PM

Suicide Squad - 7:10 PM

EDIT: You can also sign up at dcfandome.com to get a schedule that automatically converts to your time zone.

I am trying to find them on Youtube but they don’t seem to have a stream there. I have the Kinda Funny stream, but I rather just have one without any talking.

On that site I can’t seem to register, hmmm.

Watching KFG.

Truly hope the reveal will be worth it, the wait has been crazy.

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Seems tied to Arkham Knight ending. With Court Of Owls coming from the shadow.

Good trailer with interesting things to look at. Good graphics too. Still watching.

No platforms announced. Possibly waiting for acquisition (or Sony moneyhat)?

Cant wait to play this

Negotiations still going.

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