Watch Xbox Series X dismantling on Twitch

So you can remove the stand. Interesting.

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And the SSD!

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The SSD not been soldered to the board could already be seen in the early digital foundry and wired article in march i think.

I missed the stream. How easy is it to remove the base? I’m tempted to as mine will be sideways always

Took him an hour. It doesn’t look well. You need to remove the base to disassemble the console

Took him a while :slight_smile: I didn’t quite got what he had to do to remove it. Looks like it isn’t glued on but has some tricky plastik hooks/spikes.

Rato Borrachudo is live streaming his Series S disassembly right now. It’s also a standlone drive, it’s not Western Digital and they said it’s the same manufacturer of the Surface SSDs. He is about to install a larger Samsung SSD drive to see if it works.

They also said people yesterday thought the Series X SSD is gen 3 because they matched the model number of the Series X SSD with another one on WD site that has a similar model number. However, they said it has one different letter on the X model, which differentiates it from the gen 3 people were thinking it was the same. They said it isn’t, it is gen 4.

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