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Reviews dropping points for a $20 game that doesn’t have online, never had it before, never said they would.

The Last of Us 2 drops online from the sequel. One of the dearest games every made. No one cares.


Looks fun, deffo playing when it drops.

It’s not really the same though. Battletoads is a game where online would clearly enhance the experience as it’s a perfect co-op game whereas The Last of Us which is primarily a single player game does not need multiplayer. This edges too close to the “media bias” thing that i really dislike.

But I think that a sequel having less features than the previous one should definitely be judged and reflected on the review.

Of course, the weight is different for a game like battletoads, but that doesn’t mean that the omission should be ignored.

It’s funny that last year we saw the opposite happening as well. Some reviews dropped scores for Gears 5 because they didn’t like the escape mode. It was an extra mode added, that didn’t compromised any of the previous modes, but they said it was fair to judge the whole package and the whole package had that terrible mp mode.