Watch Dogs Legion review thread

Today reviews for Watch Dogs: Legion are coming in. Sadly enough, XboxEra hasn’t received a code yet. But luckily there are plenty of other outlets who have put their reviews online.

Metacritic Xbox One: 79 Metacritic PC: 74 OpenCritic: 74

Video Reviews

Other Reviews:

IGN 8/10

PCGamer 8/10

Metro 6/10

Game Informer 9/10

GameSpot 8/10


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Hopefully it’s sorted out soon and hopefully XSX is alright.

Yeah, the game crashed twice on me in less than an hour. The first time I accessed a menu the game crashed and closed; the second time I pressed the guide button to check achievements and my One X light started blinking and the console shut itself down completely.

I honestly felt like the first game was good but 2nd game in series was really hard for me to get into (the protag seemed like a caricature and it totally changed the tone of the game relative to first one). I like the recruitment element in this game (haven’t tried yet) but there never seemed to be much focus on the story at all in trailers. :confused:

Review by @Doncabesa and @KageMaru


thanks for the link, game is fun but is going to need some work to be great.

I showed this to my friend as GTA 6 - he believed it.