Warzone and possibly MW MP runs at up to 120 on Series S

But you have to disable allow 4k in the Xbox display settings menu to force the game into running with unlocked framerate on HDMI 2.0 devices. This is likely due to IW not implementing a switch between performance and normal mode in game.

Proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6wnATG3dG4&ab_channel=JuniorItuanoGamer

This channel did three videos analyzing Warzone on the Series S. His first two videos pegged the game as running at locked 60, but his third video he did the disallow 4k option.


Hmm i wonder if that works for Black Ops as well

I don’t have the game to try.

What about on Series X?


Actually upon closer inspection, MW MP runs at 60. My monitor is doubling framerate.

Warzone is definitely running at ~100 fps. I can feel the difference.

I’m really eager to know for sure if Modern Warfare MP runs at 120fps on Series X. I have the game on PS4, but I would buy it on Xbox if I knew I could play it at 120.

I own both X + S and a 120 hz Oled. It doesn’t work.

It doesn’t. My monitor was doubling the framerate.

Warzone is definitely 90-120 on my S though.

Can you help me confirm the MW MP doesn’t run at 120?

After messing around with ground war, I don’t know anymore. It definitely feels smoother than 60 for sure and I’m seeing dips into the 100s where as it’s locked 60 in 4k60 mode.

If my monitor was simply doubling the framerate I would be seeing 120 locked.


There’s currently a blackout (no pun intended) where I live so I can’t test it. I will once power comes back.

Kill cam drops to 90 fps. Yep MP is 120.