Wanted: Dead looks pure fun

Wanted: Dead’s fast-action sword gameplay, gun gameplay, soundtrack, minigames, and finishing moves all come together in this brand-new trailer created for the Tokyo Game Show. Wanted: Dead is from a team of ex-Ninja Gaiden developers and will be released for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms on Valentine’s Day 2023.

Preview: Wanted: Dead PAX West 2022 Hands-On Preview: Hard to the Core - KeenGamer

Wanted: Dead is an action game that I immediately want to get my hands on again because it is a lot of fun, but also, I played so poorly. I really want to master the gameplay systems here. Just writing this makes me want to test out the game’s combat, learn the combos, and try to string them together. There are a few issues, though. The biggest one is that the hud needs to be bigger. There is a reason why fighting game huds are designed the way they are, so I can immediately get information from a quick glance. This game doesn’t do that. I think this title will be a must-play for action game fans and hardcore gamers.

Count me in.


Looks pretty cool.

This is easily one of my most anticipated games next year. I love the mix of cyberpunk, swordplay, and gunfu. Also love all of the crazy or unique elements that seem to be covered over the narrative or cut scenes.

My only concern is it’s not going to sell well due to the lack of coverage or overall hype by the larger game community. Hopefully the marketing ramps up big time leading to launch and it reviews well so we can see more games in this world. Wouldn’t mind MS stepping in and offering a Game Pass deal to make it easier for people to discover the game.

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