Vyrant, the first of two releases from the Vulcan Forge Group. Where to begin? This was one of our 4v4 projects that I was project lead on begun with 4 goals in mind:

-To design a map inspired by a combination of Epitaph from halo 3 and Sword Base from halo reach

-To create a Gimmick using 45 degree angles so not only are they walls but traversable play-spaces

-To focus on creating play-spaces rather than creating lanes which I have been known to do

-To build a map with a Full team with focused tasks in halo infinite:

Me - Project lead / Layout

xDTx Kaos - Skybox / layout

THE SLAMMERRS - Asset building / Set Design

History of collaborative processes can sometimes be muddled by creative differences and I wanted to tackle the challenge of creating an effective pipeline that allowed both creative freedom and defined direction. The process bore fruit beyond my imagination. What we came together on is something truly special, a map that feels straight ripped out of bungie’s playbook. I think the results of our endeavor speaks for itself. You can also search the tag word “VULCAN” if you wish to see more content from our team.