Video Game Market Analysis Thread

But i thought its to try and gourge…i mean milk…i mean attain more digital content from users which makes more in the long run.

But being serious … buying a ps5 DE and subbing to that premium tier for a year isnt a half bad deal if you dont care about day1 releases. Im lookign to buy a ps5 when they are available but im never going to touch a DE. Because i earely buy day 1 60 dollar games and when i do theyre ohysical…


Such a shame to see SE rewarded for their bad quality PC release.

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Weekly sales numbers, taken from @Paxton in the clustermess general thread:

Hardware Sales (followed by lifetime sales)

  1. Switch OLED Model – 22,860 (1,899,156)
  2. Switch – 19,907 (18,399,758)
  3. Switch Lite – 7,638 (4,761,895)
  4. Xbox Series S – 3,423 (130,076)
  5. Xbox Series X – 3,272 (108,983)
  6. PlayStation 5 – 2,371 (1,451,795)
  7. PlayStation 5 Digital Edition – 664 (242,208)
  8. New 2DS LL (including 2DS) – 215 (1,187,058)
  9. PlayStation 4 – 18 (7,819,701)

Good. More Xbox means bigger Xbox marketshare :fire:

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Xbox outsold ps, has this been normal recently?

We’re in the endgame now.

But seriously, this is unreal.

Hilarious to see the nervous reactions to this. Like, Sony is doing amazing, they are not going anywhere! It shouldn’t shake your world that Sony only beats Xbox in sales numbers 98% of the time instead of 100%. :rofl:

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I am pretty sure Xbox has outsold sony WW this year


In japan? Nah, this is like only the 2nd week Xbox has outsold it

Xbox is doing really well in Japan but selling more than Playstation over there is purely based on stock provided, even more so than here in the west

Less than 3k consoles supply is beyond terrible for ps5

Not really rewarded…those numbers are pretty poor

Its probably neck and neck due to sony land…i.e…europe.

All this says is that Xbox is gaining momentum in Japan, which should have (hopefully) a snowball effect on Japanese game developers support in the future. Gamepass is probably doing God’s work there, and Series So being small and easy to fit anywhere is also probably proving to be a smart decision.

I mean the numbers are low regardless so its not a question of xbox is doing so great as 240k consoles sold still isnt significiant but wht is significant is how badly ps5 is doing due to shortages. It will make jpn devs tjink twice about exclusives. Hell were getting the persona games and team ninjas next game. Last gen we didnt see nioh at alll

Strong disagree. Bethesda and Activision are pretty popular. I’m thinking Europe is slated for a harsh wake-up call once the gamers realize Bethesda is gone and Xbox Gamepass has Day1 Call of Duty. Not to mention the entire FIFA catalogue through EA Play. Reality just hasn’t set in yet, European gamers are either still in the denial stage or simply misinformed.

I just saw a post that came off way too preachy and talk about “games are coming. Just wait” and act like a leader with this “I’m tired of waiting” this and that. We get it, you don’t like Xbox. Expect an American flag waving in the background while giving a speech? It’s always Xbox hate that gets most voted up and opposite will get voted down.

Both and I lived there for 30 years(UK…most of my life)

THe PS3/360 generation should tell you how biased that region is. But forget COD. ITs all about FIFA.

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It appears Xbox has a pretty steady stock going in Japan and is meeting demand. I wouldn’t say they are selling really well in the grand scheme of things, but they are selling well in context of the Xbox One. They probably could be selling more by taking advantage of the low PS5 stock, as in “walk in to the store looking for a PS5 and leave with an Xbox” customers, but I don’t think they have to stock or retail presence for that.

PS5 is technically doing fine, but selling 3k due to stock issues is really bad for such a high demand item. Retailers will eventually need to fill space and Sony definitely doesn’t want to give that up to Microsoft or Nintendo.

The PS5 stock situation in Japan is kind of embarrassing.

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I think we all know that Sony has shifted stock away from Japan and the smaller markets to help support the US, UK and other larger markets. They also have conceded Japan to Nintendo for the most part and is seemingly fine coasting on their legacy as being the default console for Japan’s “HD” games (supplemented with some paid exclusives). What I don’t get is why. Japan is important to console gaming not as a sales market but as a games production market. Western gamers buy Playstation precisely to access Japanese games so why aren’t they doubling down on that? It doesn’t matter that Japan itself is a slowing console market, they are making Japanese games for the rest of the world too.

Maybe it’s just perspective, but I think even those on the Xbox side who don’t play Japanese games understand the importance of Xbox doing well in Japan. It seems obvious to Microsoft and Nintendo but not really Sony for some reason.