Video Game Market Analysis Thread

Once again people living in a bubble. From a pure financial perspective, Konami ditching AAA development was the best thing they could have done.

People wants to live in fantasy land.


Halo Infinite also moving up to number 7 on the Xbox charts. I have to say, that is a bit of a W in my opinion considering it has no multiplayer, is on Game Pass and is months old now.

It also hints that possibly new customers are entering the Xbox platform.


Depending on how closely Xbox trailed behind, I suppose this could well mean more Xboxes sold than PlayStation 5s, since the Series S is so much cheaper.


6 games on the chart will be under the Xbox umbrella once the deal goes through. Pretty nice stuff.

Unreal that 4 COD’s are up there lol.

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Gamers sure love CoD.


Yeah, in terms of units for both April and year-to-date it was Switch > Xbox > PS5


Not to downplay the disappointment people are feeling, but the proclamations of doom about the console are way overexaggerated, as the sales show. The consoles are selling with literally no games released recently. Now in terms of Game Pass that is a different conversation, but I think the console will be fine.


The strangest part to me is the best selling accessories. It’s the DualShock 4. Not DualSense, DualShock 4. I wonder what’s the context.

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So here is an example how much of a beast the 360 was in the US. Despite PS4 having the generation handed to them on a plate, it still trails what the 360 did.

Also the Switch is going to blow past the PS4 this fiscal year.


The worst CoD is on number 6

Tells you about the intrest of gamers :wink:

Sega doin well with their Sonic movies, plans for a 3rd one and a TV series.

Revenue $2.49b +15.6% YoY Operating Income $248.7m +492% YoY

Expecting an increase in revenue and new title releases in FY23.

16 titles to be released in FY23 for a total of 13.95m units, up from 13 titles in FY22 and 8.77m units.


I bought one last week to prepare for the new PS plus on PC.

Also Dualsense has 0 PC support. If it had full PC support even limited to its PS games it would sell way more. Imagine being able to customize and mod Dualsense features into existing PC games…

PlayStation has backed themselves into a corner when it comes to controller features. Even unpopular features like PS4 touch and motion needed to be kept for PS5 controller. Then PlayStation doubled down and added more gimmicks for the ps5 controller.

The Xbox controller is standard and doesn’t create generation to generation compatibility issues like PlayStation. Xbox games will transition easily to tv streaming apps because games on Xbox don’t use gimmick controls. Also consider PC gamers play multiple generations through Steam. There is something to be said about creating a standard controller and not creating a Frankenstein controller like what PlayStation does every generation.


Xbox had a great Golden Week period in Japan

14k sold over 2 weeks.

Compared to last year where Xbox was barely doing 2k.

Yes they arent’t significant on their own right but still. 14k is 10% of lifetime xbox one sales over there. ITs already on track to surpass original xbox sales.

Such a shame MS can’t take advantage with more software though. Imagine 360 level support for JPN games. SEries consoles would sell even better.


I mean the support for the console in the he region itself is evident, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more Japanese publishers releasing games for it in the he future just based off it’s growing popularity.