Video for Project Acoustics (Audio Hardware for Xbox Series S|X)


This is amazing stuff. I wonder if at this September event Microsoft will show off their new high end headset

Incredible tech!

My surround sound system is ready and waiting for this glory.

Such a cool tech.

Now imagine a lot of npcs and other stuffs propagating sounds everywhere at same time :astonished:

Hopefully we see this in fable, im pretty sure characters sang in fable games before.

Its crazy how this has not been in games before.


Really cool stuff, but from those YouTube videos its sounds like the sound has more echos , the directionality of the sound is not the best Ive heard.

I hope next gen has the directionality like this video.

Wow this is some amazing stuff!! The tech looks insane

To be clear, Project Acoustics isn’t so that directionality is nailed down. It’s so that audio sounds like it should from a source. That the filtering, levels and effects (reverb, echo, pitch) sounds right.

By the way… According to the Hot Chips presentation all this is built into hardware!

So if you want directionality, that’s where Sony’s Tempest, Dolby’s Atmos, Windows Sonic (which is based on Microsoft’s “Spatial Audio”) comes in. This is what accomplishes more processing to get it to sound that it came from a certain direction far more accurately. These technologies factor in HRTF in order to nail down directionality. That said, Sony seems to be taking this a bit further with their implementation than Dolby or MS.