VentureBeat: Expect Xbox Series S info and details on Xbox's overall next-gen strategy in the last week of August

But we shouldn’t have to wait much longer to find out. Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that he has more to talk about in August. Expect that event to come in the last week of the month with all of the info about Xbox Series S and the details about Microsoft’s overall next-gen gaming strategy.

I wonder what new info we’ll get regarding their strategy. I mean with XSX it’s crystal clear, so I’m guessing it’s mostly Lockhart related.

Probably pricing too

Xbox’s strategy is not exactly crystal clear yet considering that one of the next-gen SKUs has not been officially revealed. Microsoft has some explaining to do on how the Series S ties in to their attack plan, especially if the rumor that Series X can undercut the PS5 in price pans out.

After PS5’s? :thinking:

Microsoft isn’t announcing a price before Sony, folks.

It’s difficult to cut parts out if this article to summarise it because of how it’s written. Best to read it.

The main gist is that resolution is overrated, 1080p is fine and reconstruction techniques are getting so good we won’t see much native 4k in the future.

Xbox Series S is a big deal. I have PS4 slim for exclusives and the games still look good even at 1080p.

Im in the market for an S model as an extension for my Game Pass sub. I will play mainly on PC but like a small cheaper console for the living room for game pass only.

So I will probably preorder as soon as Preorders go up.

Anytime you’re trying to capture market share, you focus on different segments of the market. A lot of time, gaming enthusiasts like us who are up to date on every rumor, announcement and game in the pipeline make the mistake of thinking the rest of the market is like us. There are different segmentations. The Series X will cast a small net over the console gamer who values power. Series S a much larger net over the price elastic gamer. Game Pass has potential to attract both the enthusiast and the value gamer. Microsoft just has to nail their messaging. It’s still a bit shaky IMO.

As an aside, there is 0% reason for my son to ever get a Series X. I would assume it’s the same thing for most kids.


There is deffinetly no negatives about this… Diffrent entry points to enter the next generation… Many casuals don’t care if it’s 4k or 1080 since they don’t dedicate as much time to gaming as we do…

Yea, of course it’s smart. Cheaper device, and it wilm be the highest selling console of the two Xbox consoles.

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I even think it is gonna be 75% to 25% in favor to Series S.

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Microsoft knows the prices already and if Series S retails for $200 with Series X being $400, they should announce them already. $300 and $500 is much more likely but if not, Microsoft doesn’t need to wait because at $200 and $400, Sony won’t even beat out the $400 price tag let alone the $200 price tag.

The event in the last week of August is Gamescom, unless they’re going to do something both before and during Gamescom.

Can you imagine Series S at a lower price than PS5 (199/249$) and more capable at less res 1080/1440p, more features rich (DX12 Ultimate) + gamepass + Xbox All Access.

Insane value, you can’t beat that, great point of entry for newcomers.