Vaping - the coolest way to get your nicotine fix!

Any vapers here besides me and @Sikamikanico? Feel free to share your experience, mods you use and recommend your favorite ejuice.

I’m currently using Smok V9 Max, which is fine, but @Sikamikanico showed me his Smok X-Priv and I’m seriously considering switching to it.

Here’s a picture of the V9 Max I use.

It’s still bad for you.

Don’t vape, kids.


Of course, but much safer than smoking cigarettes.

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@Sikamikanico how do you make your own ejuice? Is it difficult? Maybe a little tutorial or a link for a newbie like me? I guess it’s much cheaper than buying premixed stuff.

Hi, lemme share about my experience with vape here:

When I was a dumb rebellious teen, i started to smoke cigs and feel cool about it, but never EVER liked the taste or smell of it. It felt wrong to me, but hey, I wanted to be cool y’know? I usually smoked 8 or 10 cigarettes by day.

In 2016-2017 I decided to quit. My first try was the famous “I’ll stop now and never light another one”. I miserably failed after 3 days. Then I started to reduce my consume by month, and that gave me some results. After 5 months, I was smoking 3 or 4 cigarettes by day, but still I couldn’t call it quits.

Then I learned of vapes, and bought a kit. It was an EGO AIO PRO + Blueberry Pie E-Liquid with Nic. My first use was great and I instantly felt like that could work, and in fact it did. First I started to use e-liquids with 0.5 usage of Nic. By the third month, I dropped to 0.3, then 0.2, 0.1 until it was nic free, and as it was progressive treatment, I never felt the symptoms of abstinence. It just felt good and I didn’t need the nicotine anymore.

You know, one of the hardest thing about stopping smoking is that your body/mind start to miss the “act of smoking”, if you get what I mean. Like, you start to miss the sensation of the cig between your fingers, the inhale / exhale experience and etc, the physical side of it, so I kept vaping till 2018, so that I could be 100% certain that I wouldn’t get back to smoking, and soon as I felt that I was totally free of it, I just called it quits on vaping too.

I put the kit + juices on a box and hid it on a locked closet, so if the though of smoking a cigarette ever crossed my mind, the vape was there to help me again.

Sorry for the long post lol

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I smoked a pack of cancer sticks for 15 years. Not had a single one after starting vaping. It’s so much better in terms of ejuice taste selection, doesn’t make me cough like a maniac in the morning and I feel much better overall. Great stuff. Just a little bit sad that in my country THC isn’t legal, so no puffing some weed before going to sleep :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this what vapers think they are?

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Pretty much.

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I remember when I quit smoking, I started vaping to help ween off of it.

Then once I realized that I was “quitting vaping” I bought a pack of Newports real quick because telling people I “quit vaping” sounded so lame to me.

Havent smoked or vaped since.

You got a point, but very much enjoy vaping. Much more than I did smoking.

Oh, I added you on XL as a friend, could use a follow back :wink: New account with few friends only.

Word. Actually loaned the xb1 out to my 'rents as a Hulu machine for the time being. If I ever get back on and see ya I’ll accept. Cheers


Also I’m currently vaping an amazing plum flavored eliquid. Just delicious.



Ooh, the X-Priv looks sweet! I’ve been vaping for a while and I’ve got a few different mods. Right now I’m rockin’ a crystal bar vape and it’s been my go-to for a while. I’ve tried a bunch of different e-juices and my favs right now are probably Strawberry Milk by Kilo and Sticky Icky by Vapetasia. Both are delicious! If you’re just getting into vaping, I’d say go for a solid mod. You don’t want to waste your $$ on something that’s gonna break down after a few uses. Check out some of the mods from SMOK, Wismec, and Vaporesso. And if you’re looking for some good e-juice, I’d recommend you check out some of the ones I mentioned as well as Mr. Salt-E and The One.

I won’t pester you with specifics (unless you’d like me to), but as more research is being done on vaping, the risks vs smoking don’t make them “safer” than cigarettes, just a different type of danger.

I started learning this fairly recently when an MRI of my spine found a lung nodule. I’m considered “too young and healthy” for insurance to pay for any further diagnostic studies.

The scarey part for me is that I’ve grown up around cigarettes. My grandfather, father, and older brother all smoked. I ended up “fashion smoking” because getting up to walk every hour was ok if you needed to smoke but not if you needed to move due to a broken back (car accident).

I quit when my son was born. Cold turkey. All done. It was part of my agreement with his mother. Unfortunately his mother was not as successful at quitting. Never did, so I learned recently, and disingenuously hid it from us. So I’ve been around second hand smoke my entire life, just about.

Now, his mother has turned to vaping. She also believed vaping was safer. Still does despite the medical evidence to the contrary. I, however, am convinced enough that my property (vehicles included) are smoke/vape free zones. Period. No exceptions. My risk of lung cancer is not diminished in any way from the difference between smoking and vaping.

Sorry if I derailed the topic. I didn’t want to dump judgemental BS on here without sharing my experience on it.

In any case, I do hope the negative effects of vaping miss you and your loved ones! Take care of yourselves!

Edit: Apologies. I didn’t see how old this thread was. I guess I sprayed some air fresher on this corpse of a thread. :smiling_face:

The difference between EU and I presume US vape juice is ours is regulated. All the scaremongering in the US a few years back was due to bootlegged pods being sold for cheap on the market vs actual vape juice.

I agree in part that vaping is a different kind of danger, but I’d still argue it is patently obvious it IS safer than smoking. No carcinogens. No tar.

The jury is still out on long term studies, but I’d love to read the medical evidence you mentioned! Always curious to know about advances in the knowledge on this stuff.

(I make my own juice, so I know what I’m vaping)

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Thank you, first, for a polite response ( :wink: ) and catching that I was, indeed, referring to the US regulations. Or lack thereof.

Here’s one link from the American Cancer Association.

“What is in the aerosol (“vapor”) of an e-cigarette? Although the term “vapor” may sound harmless, the aerosol that comes out of an e-cigarette is not water vapor and can be harmful. The aerosol from an e-cigarette can contain nicotine and other substances that are addictive and can cause lung disease, heart disease, and cancer.”

I’ll skip some quotes on the ingredients for flavoring and added formaldehyde since you do make your own.

“Does e-cigarette use cause cancer? Scientists are still learning about how e-cigarettes affect health when they are used for long periods of time. It’s important to know that the aerosol (“vapor”) from an e-cigarette contains some cancer-causing chemicals, although in significantly lower amounts than in cigarette smoke.”

This is just the base carcinogenic comparison to cigarettes but leaves out additives and metals that can stay in the lungs.

Lung Cancer Program | Kimmel Cancer Center.

“Researchers have also uncovered a large number of other cancer-causing chemicals in e-cigarette aerosols or vapor, including formaldehyde, toluene, acetaldehyde, and acrolein, heavy metals such as cadmium, lead and nickel, nitrosamines, and tiny particles of matter that can lodge themselves in the deepest parts of the lungs.”

“Results A total of 154,856 participants were included, of whom 5% were e-cigarette users, 31.4% were traditional smokers, and 63.6% were nonsmokers. There is a higher prevalence of e-cigarette use among younger participants, females (49 vs. 38) in comparison to traditional smokers (P < 0.0001). The e-cigarette users have lower prevalence of cancer compared to traditional smoking (2.3% vs. 16.8%; P < 0.0001), but they were diagnosed with cancer at a younger age. Among cancer subtypes, cervical cancer (22 vs. 2.6), leukemia (8.5 vs. 1.1), skin cancer (non-melanoma) (15.6 vs. 12.3), skin (other) (28 vs. 10) and thyroid (10.6 vs. 2.4) had higher prevalence of e-cigarette use compared to traditional smokers (P < 0.0001). Our regression analysis showed that e-cigarette users have 2.2 times higher risk of having cancer compared to non-smokers (odds ratio (OR): 2.2; 95% confidence interval (CI): 2.2 - 2.3; P < 0.0001). Similarly, traditional smokers have 1.96 higher odds of having cancer compared to nonsmokers (OR: 1.96; 95% CI: 1.96 - 1.97; P < 0.0001).”

I’ll pause here. I’m still on my phone, not sure about post length, how the formatting will come out, and the citations definitely aren’t college paper material.

But as I said, growing up around second hand smoke, the increase risk of cancer is prevalent enough to score one full NOPE from me.

I do hope, from the bottom of my heart, that EU regulations and making your own juice reduce the risks further!!!

Quit smoking, don’t waste money on vaping & buy video games instead = winning life decisions.

I've been using the Smok X-Priv for a while now, and I can say it's a great choice if you're considering switching from the V9 Max. The X-Priv has a fantastic user interface, and the screen is clear and easy to navigate. Plus, it offers excellent vapor production and flavor. If you want to enhance your vaping experience, the X-Priv could be a solid upgrade for you.

I actually quit smoking cigarettes with the help of vaping. I started with a basic vape pen and gradually moved on to more advanced mods. It made the transition smoother and more enjoyable. Just like how the Smok X-Priv can enhance your vaping experience, finding the right vape helped me quit smoking for good. Nexus Smoke has a great selection of mods and e-juices that made my journey easier.

In terms of saving money, I wholeheartedly recommend folks try making their OWN vape juice. I use darkstar and it’s great - I order mine in 1L bottles. :slight_smile: