Vaping - the coolest way to get your nicotine fix!

Any vapers here besides me and @Sikamikanico? Feel free to share your experience, mods you use and recommend your favorite ejuice.

I’m currently using Smok V9 Max, which is fine, but @Sikamikanico showed me his Smok X-Priv and I’m seriously considering switching to it.

Here’s a picture of the V9 Max I use.

It’s still bad for you.

Don’t vape, kids.


Of course, but much safer than smoking cigarettes.

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@Sikamikanico how do you make your own ejuice? Is it difficult? Maybe a little tutorial or a link for a newbie like me? I guess it’s much cheaper than buying premixed stuff.

Hi, lemme share about my experience with vape here:

When I was a dumb rebellious teen, i started to smoke cigs and feel cool about it, but never EVER liked the taste or smell of it. It felt wrong to me, but hey, I wanted to be cool y’know? I usually smoked 8 or 10 cigarettes by day.

In 2016-2017 I decided to quit. My first try was the famous “I’ll stop now and never light another one”. I miserably failed after 3 days. Then I started to reduce my consume by month, and that gave me some results. After 5 months, I was smoking 3 or 4 cigarettes by day, but still I couldn’t call it quits.

Then I learned of vapes, and bought a kit. It was an EGO AIO PRO + Blueberry Pie E-Liquid with Nic. My first use was great and I instantly felt like that could work, and in fact it did. First I started to use e-liquids with 0.5 usage of Nic. By the third month, I dropped to 0.3, then 0.2, 0.1 until it was nic free, and as it was progressive treatment, I never felt the symptoms of abstinence. It just felt good and I didn’t need the nicotine anymore.

You know, one of the hardest thing about stopping smoking is that your body/mind start to miss the “act of smoking”, if you get what I mean. Like, you start to miss the sensation of the cig between your fingers, the inhale / exhale experience and etc, the physical side of it, so I kept vaping till 2018, so that I could be 100% certain that I wouldn’t get back to smoking, and soon as I felt that I was totally free of it, I just called it quits on vaping too.

I put the kit + juices on a box and hid it on a locked closet, so if the though of smoking a cigarette ever crossed my mind, the vape was there to help me again.

Sorry for the long post lol

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I smoked a pack of cancer sticks for 15 years. Not had a single one after starting vaping. It’s so much better in terms of ejuice taste selection, doesn’t make me cough like a maniac in the morning and I feel much better overall. Great stuff. Just a little bit sad that in my country THC isn’t legal, so no puffing some weed before going to sleep :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this what vapers think they are?

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Pretty much.

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I remember when I quit smoking, I started vaping to help ween off of it.

Then once I realized that I was “quitting vaping” I bought a pack of Newports real quick because telling people I “quit vaping” sounded so lame to me.

Havent smoked or vaped since.

You got a point, but very much enjoy vaping. Much more than I did smoking.

Oh, I added you on XL as a friend, could use a follow back :wink: New account with few friends only.

Word. Actually loaned the xb1 out to my 'rents as a Hulu machine for the time being. If I ever get back on and see ya I’ll accept. Cheers


Also I’m currently vaping an amazing plum flavored eliquid. Just delicious.