Vampire Survivors DLC Has Been Unleashed!


Legacy Of The Moonspell, the first DLC for Vampire Survivors is now out! It can be purchased and downloaded on Xbox and Steam and only costs $1.99 USD. This DLC is NOT part of Game Pass and must be purchased in order to play.

The Fall of Moonveil

In eastern lands, a clan has fallen. The Moonspell, once vigilant guardians of a sorcerous valley nestled in the mountains, have been overrun by hordes of yokai and oni. Though treacherous, this hive of spectral activity may provide some clue as to the location of a vampire. If not, at least it’ll be entertaining to defeat thousands of wayward spirits in the process.

New Content


  • 8 completely new characters.


  • 13 new weapons between base versions and evolutions.



  • One brand new stage. Said to be much bigger than the ones that came before. It’s filled with several environments which feature unique monsters.

  • Plus 6 new musical tracks. :notes:

FAQS via Steam

Will the main game still receive free updates?


The reason we’re adding DLC’s is so that we can theme them around certain settings, as you’ll discover in Legacy of the Moonspell. It allows us to explore new settings and create some cohesion between the base game and the DLC’s. DLC’s will always be purely extra content in terms of Stages, Monsters, Weapons, Characters etc. Items, Power-ups, game mechanics and more will continue to be added to the base game, so if you don’t pick up the DLC you don’t have to fear missing out.

Does the DLC have achievements? What about my 100%!


Legacy of the Moonspell comes with a set of achievements. This does however mean that your 100% achievements will be reduced again (we’re sorry). At the current time, Steam counts all achievements for DLC’s in to the base game 100% unlock, but we’re looking at any way to change this so if you don’t own the DLC, your 100% unlock will remain.

Only 1 Stage?


Mt. Moonspell is 25 times bigger than other maps in Vampire Survivors, and that’s a whole lot of map to explore! We wanted to add more exploration, reasons to head in every direction, and give you more ways to discover your new favorite XP spots, monster farms and places to hang out for 20 to 30 minutes.

Give me secrets

This one’s a yes, and a no.

There are no secrets in Legacy of the Moonspell for now, as we don’t want to cut people out of the secrets discovery. There are only so many secrets we can put into the base game though, so going forward we might add some unique secrets to the DLC, but it will be very dependant on community feedback!



Download Links

A Christmas patch was also released today that includes quality of life improvements.


Best $1.99 ever spent.


Oh wow I know some people were dissapointed by it only being ONE map but that looks a lot lot more complicated than any of the existing maps

I’ve been smashing out the base game on Game Pass. Think i’m gonna just buy it on Steam but then i lose all my progress . Hmmm

No lie. Vampire Survivors is my game of the year.

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It’s on PC Game pass too so you can play it there already ? Unless you really want it on Steam !

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Well yeah I could do that too :rofl:

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I think there’s a way to transfer the save, something about renaming the file and moving it to the proper directory. I can try to dig it up if you’re interested.

DLC is good, sadly I’ve already gone through most of it.


Nestled deep within a continent-sized forest is Foscari Academy, a school where the elite of the world train their children for careers as powerful wizards, indefatigable generals, and expert spies. The Academy is divided into three houses, a premise hitherto untouched in all of fantasy fiction. Three students, one from each house, brave the journey into a forest stuffed with mythological creatures, all to have a jolly adventure, with absolutely nothing interrupting the whimsy. This is all mind-blowingly original stuff, we know, but it only gets better folks.

DLC #2 is out! Much like the first, it costs $1.99 USD and comes with new content.


  • 8 new characters.


  • 13 new weapons between base versions and evolutions.



  • A new stage. Lake Foscari, the enchanted forest.

  • 22 achievements worth 110 Gamerscore in total.

  • And 7 new music tracks! :notes:

In the FAQ for this DLC (Which released March 31st), they said the game will be at version 1.4 with this update. There won’t be much core content added with this update besides something for the Seal power up. They mentioned that they’ve recently been slowing down on content patches to focus more on moving the PC version to a new engine. It’s meant improve performance, and is currently in private beta. For the next few weeks though, they said they’re planning to release some new content for the game.

Foscari Announcement & FAQ from Steam.


Store Page


Bought for both my Steam Deck and Xbox.


Just bought this on my Xbox


I need to buy this DLC and may as well buy the game too despite it being on gamepass. Should be maybe a single Bing Reward points redemption. :sunglasses: