Valheim coming to Xbox & Console Game Pass in 2023 as a ‘console launch exclusive’ PC Game Pass 2022

Viking survival game Valheim is coming to Xbox Game Pass, publisher Coffee Stain and developer Iron Gate announced Tuesday during Microsoft’s extended Xbox Games Showcase. Valheim will be playable via PC Game Pass (and on the Microsoft Store) in fall 2022, and will come to Xbox One and Xbox Series X via Game Pass in early spring 2023.

When they’re released, both versions will have full cross-play support at launch, “allowing Vikings to build, fight and survive together,” regardless of where they’re playing — Steam, Microsoft Store, or on console. Microsoft introduced Valheim as a console launch exclusive, meaning it’s not coming to Sony’s PlayStation platforms, at least not yet.


Cool. WIll try it out

It seems like EVERYTHING is early 2023.

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Been looking for an excuse to actually sit down and put some time into Valheim. Playing with friends via GamePass just might be it

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Really excited for this. Cant wait to jump into this with some friends.

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Kind of suprised this isn’t bigger news. I mean the game has sold over ten million units on steam in early access, is a huge MMO and a console exclusive for the moment(and will stay that way until it comes out of early access and then gets ported over as it’s external studios handing that for Xbox)

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Baffled as to why on earth this game wasn’t announced at the showcase. Yet we had time for pointless FO76 expansions and ESO.