Using quick resume as a feature is great and all

Unless you buy physical media, in which case bad luck.

MS is selling quick resume as a solid feature of the XSX, so I would hope there can be some way those loyal customers like me can also be able to use the feature. I mean, we paid full price for the console and the games, so.why shouldn’t we be able to use quick resume?

Doesn’t quick resume just store the game in RAM? So apart from what one imagines would be a quick licence check on the drive, why wouldn’t you be able to quick resume?

Unless you mean you want to take out the disc in the meantime in which case I would prepare to be disappointed, but obviously I know as much about how it’ll work as anyone outside of MS (which is to say nothing at all)

I’m not sure where you’re hearing this.

It just needs a license check off your drive to confirm that you own the game, theoretically speaking.

How about a USB attached DVD-stacker :wink:

Buying physical media is increasingly going to be less convenient and you’re going to trade up-front discount for ongoing hassle. You often get a cost benefit from buying data on pieces of plastic and it ticks whatever desire you have to possess a physical object, but I’m not sure it’s reasonable to want all the benefits of digital while sticking to a legacy media model.

Not sure what you want here?

The Xbox can’t manifest your discs into the drive telepathically so you’d have to put the disc in yourself and then it’s no longer really quick resuming is it?

Having said that, for all we know it does keep a suspended disc based install instance there waiting until you put the disc in. I don’t think they’ve confirmed one way or the other.

I just want Suspend/Resume to actually…you k ow, work. Because it’s utter shite on Xbox One.

With physical media you will need to change the disc in the drive to change games. You won’t be able to swap between as the demo showed unless they were digital games. I would hope that MS can in some way allow you to do this without swapping disc’s every time.

Theoretically you’ll be able to fast resume…

With the caveat that the speed in which you jump from one game to another will be bottlenecked by how quickly you can change the disc’s.

In other words the purpose and convinience of “fast” resume becomes completely lost with physical media.

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The way the tech looks like it works is to dump and compress all used memory (RAM as well as any other cached data) onto the SSD. It then uncompresses and loads all stored data from the last game into all memory (RAM and other areas were data is stored).

So it’s independent of whether the game was installed via disc or online.

The only likely catch for disc users is that when the new game is loaded, it will ask you to put in the disc to verify that you have its license, before you resume playing.

Addendum: I’ve added the word likely because after reading this again it sounds like I know what’s going to happen, I don’t! I just know that they were clear on how the feature worked this last gen and this seems to be taking that and writing it to the SSD, completely independent of any disc. I’m only theorizing that it would need to perform a license check when you resume the game.


I think the point is that the trend is clearly against optical discs. It’s legacy tech.

Isn’t this feature pretty useless for online games anyway? Even if I leave Apex, and then load it back it, it’ll take me back to the lobby but because it needs to reconnect it just kicks me back to the beginning anyway.

At the very least it will get you back to the ‘lobby’ faster. That’s the nature of multiplayer games, it wouldn’t be any different on a PS5.

I would wish it just reconnect on resume and let you resume where you left off but a lot of online games are the same and don’t handle this very well at all.

How does that even make sense for a multiplayer? There is no ‘save state’ that can be well defined for that. Essentially a multiplayer session has a ‘state’, but it’s shared. I’m sure a solution could be found to quick resume IF that session still exists. Tricky though.

Becuase I can be sitting in a pre-game lobby on Apex and it would be nice if quick resuming between say Apex and Tell Me Why, that it let me quickly pop back into the pre-game lobby without having to be kicked out and have to go back in. A minor gripe admittedly but it would be nice for online games to handle this better.

Absolutely for multiplayer you should be able to Quick Resume back to the lobby. I’m sure that will come, but I think this feature is more of a single player focus. Which makes sense as Sony & Nintendo are dominating with single player focus.

Don’t buy physical media.


The PS5 will have a feature where you can jump into many parts of a game from the dashboard, the lobby likely being one of those destinations. That’ll be convenient.

That said, I don’t expect next gen games to take more than 20 seconds to navigate through menus to get to that point, even with the slower SSD of the Series consoles, but that’s based on my theoretical understanding* and we’ll have to see how it is in practice.

*Assuming 2GBps average read to fill up 13.5GB of memory to load up the game to the menu (7s), assuming the same to load up a particular mode (7s), a couple seconds up load up a lobby and the rest being the speed users can make these selections. If the game is optimized then half those numbers. I’m oversimplifying this to a ridiculous degree and should have probably not make a fool of myself heh.

Quick resume is still going to be way quicker even when using a drive. Just now you change the disc, then load the game and it’s a full on loading thing. Quick resume can’t help with changing the disc but I assume it will work the same for the next part.

Well its not there fault, its a limitation of physical media.

You can use quick resume on xsx and XSS.