US House Antitrust Committee: Apple holds Monopoly in iOS app distribution

Sounds to me like Big Tech is about get shaken up pretty good in the not-too-distant future. EPIC Games must be quite pleased hearing this. Wonder how this might affect Microsoft/Xbox’s efforts to get xCloud on iOS.


I’m concerned the “Big 5” media companies (that are already monopolies in all but name) or other heavy handed mega corps will expand their influence spheres.

We already have shovelfuls of literary shit burying us. While some wallow in it gleefully (faux justification for their venom and hatred?), I am not looking forward to more. There’s a reason I cut the cord and avoid any source calling itself “news.”

The fact Phil has said it’s not a money issue for xCloud, so it’s obviously down to Apple not wanting compition on their platform because it seems like MS is willing to give Apple a cut, so it’s not like MS is trying to rip them off.

This will be super interesting to follow.

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Ironic. Msoft gave money to apple in the 90s to keep them aflaot so that windows could not be labeled as a monopoly. Now apple is the monopoly.


Eh? When I say Big Tech I mean MS, Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook.

MS is in the best long term position for gaming entertainment here imho. They are the only one with their feet firmly planted in both the existing paradigm and laying groundwork for the future in ways that are expandable. This conclusion by the House Cmte is gonna make it a lot tougher for Google and Amazon specifically to leap ahead of MS using their other services. It also makes Apple’s efforts handicapped due to the iOS popularity, ironically.

MS has avenues it is prepped to expand with that block off their competition through said competition’s own dominant services. It’s likely that legislation in the near future will keep Stadia from being able to fully leverage YouTube, which was THE main leverage they had for the platform relative to any competition. Apple will be forced to open up iOS to other storefronts, just as EPIC wanted, and that will include xCloud and access to Game Pass on their mobile phones. Amazon’s whole corporate long term strategy of re-investing all its earnings to avoid taxes and dominate sector by sector will be walled off too, which likely will limit how they can leverage their assets in the cloud gaming sphere, all the while they rely on Windows and Nvidia as the backbone to run Luna services.

MS can expand in each of these areas, as well as into SmartTV partnerships, FB streaming and PC/consoles without anything standing in their way like their competitors, whose main leverage in most cases will be limited if new laws are written.

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Yes, I know. But if there is a push to diversify the monopolies, outside interest that already have too much influence may have an exaggerated opportunity for more.

Facebook have a monopoly on online advertising?

I would say google AdSense and youtube adverts reach more eyes then facebook.

Apples gaming initiatives seem about as abysmal as there Mac gaming efforts.

You cant be a gaming platform unless you spend billions on good developers, amazons cloud gaming service seems like it could work without having to spend a fortune on devs, LUNA is a platform for gaming publishers to host there own cloud subscriptions its an interesting idea, it could work if the luna base subscription is included with prime.

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It’s not the financial issue but how the games will be accessed on the iOS. Apple suggest them to do each game as a separate app. But. It will just kill the streaming experience and Xbox doesn’t wanna do it this way.

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