Updated shipping information from Microsoft

Good morning all.

@Aetain and I both got this email this morning Australian time about updated shipping for the Series X consoles we both ordered.

As you can see, the updated date is the 28th of October. Generally, this would be the date that they would charge you for the product but I have dealings with Microsoft across the board and they charge for product when it ships.

So it could be that to offset potential covid related shipping delays, consoles could be arriving in the first week of November.

Also, as a general notice, make sure you have your money allocated to your accounts to pay for pre orders.


Oh shit! If they do send them early, as a brick and mortar preorder pleb I’m very jealous!


Again, I don’t know if they may have a stop delivery note on the items to stop them being shipped from local delivery spot to homes until a specific date.

I know that here in Australia, we had people receiving Xbox One consoles 4 days before launch from early post delivery.


I’m questioning if these emails are legit. They came from maccounts(at)microsoft(dot)com and googling has a mixed bag of answers about being an actual MS email address.

I didn’t think they could be scam emails till you’d already left for work, sorry rar!

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Hopefully they are legit for you guys. I would be very jealous, but would never grudge people from getting it early from legit means. Fingers crossed.

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Thank you! I promise not to rub it in too much if they are legit and we get our consoles early lol. I’m hoping for the best but expecting otherwise right now.

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I checked it against my order on the Microsoft site. The information is the same on my own account. It is legitimate.

We expect unboxing vids if so!


I will video it while Beck is playing AC Valhalla in the background

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…Mine still says pending. I am the US btw.

Really? I couldn’t find anything that correlated between the email and my order.

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Haha, nice.

Please don’t have me in the background. Then I’ll have to put on pants.

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They are legit. On another forum I peruse a bunch of people have received the same and payments been taken for the console.

They won’t be shipping consoles out early.

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Cool, thanks for that! I rarely use Twitter so I always forget to even look there for info lol

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Best Buy Xbox Series X payment is pending :slight_smile: They are probably just making sure card has money on it but this launch is getting close!

Update as of 5 mins ago. Payment has been taken from our accounts for the consoles. We ordered directly from Microsoft so it looks like they may early ship consoles in Australia and have a “hold till” order with Australia post

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Italy here, no changes in the order yet. Still shows pending, no payment done.

Mine still says pending, eventhough it’s already paid for(buy Microsoft credit)


A short but intense rollercoaster for the OP!



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