Update Pre-Download in testing on Xbox


Good point mentioning the mobile app - wonder if at some point they’ll allow patch installation remotely too.

Be useful if you’re heading home and want to ensure your Xbox downloads the update for the game you’re going to play - given games you’ve not played in a while wait for a forced update even when you have “keep everything up to date” ticked

Oh it works like that. I see.

I was wondering, since when you download a digital game any updates will have been applied to it. But now I get it. It’s cool.

Ah no it doesn’t at the moment I don’t think - I think this release is more “Sea of Thieves chapter X is arriving on X date, but it’s available to pre-install now”.

So it’s basically pre-orders / pre-installs for updates.

The mobile app thing was more just a thought when I saw it mentioned in the article - it’d be cool to see pending updates on your phone like you can on your Xbox, so you can remote install it on your way home rather than have to wait for the update when you start the game.

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I imagine it will work similar to how it does now. Games you actively play with automatically download and be ready to go. Games you haven’t played in a while will show the update there if you look for it and you can have it dl ahead of time.