Update: Forza Horizon 5 hits 18 Million Players in 3 months

10 million mark:

  • FH5: 1 week
  • FH4: 8 to 9 months
  • FH3: 2 years

Players numbers:

FH3 (2016, before Gamepass):

  • 10M: 2 years

FH4 (2018):

  • 2M: 1week
  • 7M: 4 months
  • 10M: 8 to 9 months
  • 24M: 2 years

(then Steam release in March 2021)

FH5 (2021):

  • 4,5M: 1day
  • 10M: 1week
  • 18M: 3 months

What an absolute behemoth of a franchise Horizon has become for Xbox good lord.


Damn, exceeded my expectations in a very little time

Forza Horizon 5

For Life




Well deserved. Game is incredible.


I’m excited to see how the series grows and how many times XGS can continue to break records!

Jesus this is massive. :muscle: Game just absolutely exploded and is nothing but :fire:

Congratulations to Playground and the rest of the Xbox team.

What Phil has been working so hard for is happening before our very eyes. Xbox is back!


What an amazing accomplishment, and I have a feeling those numbers will be eclipsed by another MGS game this time next month. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Absolutely deserved :+1:

Now ramp up the server capacity :smiley:

Japan has to be next even if it takes a while


How it started:

How its going:


I think we can now erase the niche moniker many were tagging onto the game. Hopefully with the positive buzz it finally gets nominated for GOTY


Well deserved success for an excellent game! Playground is the real deal! Glad MS put a ring on that finger!


Congratulations to Playground Games and Microsoft for the massive success of Forza Horizon 5!!!

One of the reasons (among so, so many) I love this franchise is that it feels like the game is rewarding me for pretty much everything I do. Even just driving from event to event rewards me with roads discovered, or offers me chances to easily earn skill rewards that then allow me to unlock skill upgrades for my current car.

It’s that constant feeling of positive reinforcement that sublimely accompanies the sheer fun of just driving around and doing stuff.

I can’t promise I’ll stop fawning over this game, but I’ll try. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


It comes down to really 1 thing, the game is just plain FUN.


FH4 had iirc more players (24 million) than God of War.

So yeah I don’t think the niche moniker was anything other than nonsensical console wars.


Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeesh :fire::fire::fire:

Amazing congrats to Playground Games :clinking_glasses:

Well deserved. The game is amazing. And seeing all people from my friend list playing it and inviting to the game is awesomeness. That is the true power of the Game Pass, all of us playing something at the same time without high-cost barriers.


Minecraft aside, is this the first franchise possibly since Gears (I suppose you could argue Sea of Thieves) that Xbox has had come out and create such a huge impact? Eitherway it’s an incredible achievement by Playground (and Turn 10), seeing how the franchise grew from a spin off into what it’s become today. It goes to show Xbox is still capable of coming up with games which create huge amount of buzz.

I don’t always like making comparisons, especially between two completely different types of games, but I am curious how Halo’s player count will fare when that launches? A few weeks ago I was leaning towards Infinite but now I’m not so sure. The multiplayer has a lot of good buzz and with it being f2p you’d expect it to rack up maybe a million or so in the first few days as well (which would be even more good pr for XGS).