Unreal Enegine presents: MetaHumans

Hellblade 2 bout to go dumb with this. :tired_face: :sweat_drops:


This is fascinating. Time to get someone to recreate me digitally!

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Should be easier on the devs in terms of the quality of the hair rendering :wink:.

In all seriousness looks impressive and just shows that Epic has been using that Fortnite money to augment their engine with new technology acquisitions and some of the best engineers in the industry.

It is no surprise that a lot of developers opt to use UE instead of developing their own technology, because it is difficult to compete with their offering, even first party developers and big publishers.


Seems like that’d be a waste of their hair follicle tech…


Looks fantastic, but the teeth and inside the mouth needs more work.

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Was thinking the same thing watching it. They look fine as is but they start to sorta stick out when the animations are so good. I think it was Remedy (or Crytek on RYSE maybe?) who noted the importance of teeth being the right size/shape to make the animations of the mouth/lips come together really naturally.

joker they're GIF by Pixel Bandits


:grin:. Sorry, I could not not pass up the opportunity.

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Seems a bit of a downgrade.

To be honest these demos are pretty pointless until we see the characters in gameplay of a real game and even then the retail version will be downgraded most if the time.

The MetaHumans ones aren’t based on performance capture. They are procedurally generated. That’s the hook.

Arhhh, well thats good.

The power of this gen will be in the tools. Cannot wait to see what happens when the entire industry, specifically these numerous Indies, get their hands and heads around UE5.

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Metahuman shall simply be a system which produces very detailed models and rigs which can then be used for performance capture. Neither of the examples are based on it, as you can’t really extract high fidelity production ready models just from scanning faces and their motion anyway. That process still remains tedious haha.

Metahuman kills the need for spending too much time R&Ding characters whose likeness isn’t too important and for example will be a great tool for producing high quality NPCs. Will be an excellent concepting tool as well, something that’s becoming more and more important as more tedious non creative tasks are being automated leading to art direction and concepting taking their place, rightfully.

I was just thinking the whole time watching it how amazing it’d be if Starfield had this level of fidelity and intimacy when talking to NPCs, oh man, I can’t wait to see how these are used.

They can use it for the mandalorian 3