UnderMine - Nice little Game Pass gem (pun intended)

Hey guys, first post here, hopefully it won’t look too bad! It’ll be a quick one. Just wanted to talk a bit about Undermine, a new indie on Game Pass (PC and Xbox). It seems to be exclusive to Xbox for now.

I would start by saying I am NOT a fan of roguelike games usually, even Dead Cells (gameplay was fantastic, roguelike stuff killed it for me after a couple hours). Strangely this one is very addictive to me right now. Cute retro graphics, nice sounds and music, addictive upgrading system.

Have you guys tried it yet? Are you planning to? Do you like it?

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Did a run the other day. Seems ok so far. Controls decently, though I haven’t gotten used to the pause caused by swinging the pickax. Graphics are decent as well. I’ll probably pour some more time into it.

Yeah there’s a little something off it seems with the combat mechanics, and jumping doesn’t really feel intuitive to me as a dodge mechanic, but somehow it was hard for me to put in down earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m really liking it. I’m a fan of rogue-likes with progression systems and the gameplay in Undermine seems pretty solid. It also gives me that “ok, ONE more run” problem.

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Yeah exactly, so far runs have been relatively short and satisfying, so it’s hard to stop. I’ve read it’s a 10-20h game, which sounds perfect for this type of game.

Yeah, I’ve put about 5 hours in and I just got past the Gold Mines. Probably could have done it faster, but I’m one of those people that needs to break every box and find every room. :grin:

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Yeah there seems to be a good amount of stuff to find in there. How many levels are there in the Gold Mines?

  1. The boss fight sucks, but you can bypass it by beating a knight and healer guarding a door. That’s what I did as that fight is much easier (to me anyway). Plus there’s an achievement for it.
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Oh damn, I actually reached that door on my 4th run I think, but I continued exploring and died before I talked to them lol Next run maybe. I killed the mini boss I suppose (rock golem)

Yeah, they’re tough and so is the level boss ( a giant centipede). The Knight has a lot of hp and he hits HARD. I’m not the greatest at combat, so it might take you less runs to advance, but It took me 5 tries to get past them. :sweat_smile:

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We’ll see haha I already got a couple upgrades, but the combat still feels a bit weird to me.