Unboxing the Xbox Series X Fridge - iJustine

The mad men actually did it lmao what a marketing campaign


Have no clue who iJustine is but that was funny. It’s missing a freezer though I think.

I don’t follow iJustine closely or anything, but man, it’s impressive how long she’s been around. I remember that iPhone bill video being like one of the first viral things in my memory. As far as I know, no big controversies either.

I love how Xbox is embracing the memes. The best thing they can do.

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I know this is supposed to be a PR stunt but boy does that fridge look cool. I would actually buy that thing if they made it available.

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Yep indeed! And the XSX fridge is beautiful haha lol I want one now.

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If you search for Microsoft store insider, there’s a video she and her sister did, watch it and can enter to win a surface laptop go /$75 gift card. Ends Mon I think, and there will be 3 or so more before Christmas.

Edit: Main page

First video is still available.