UK's Competition & Markets Authority Offers Rebuttal to the European Commission's Decision

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In response to the European Commision’s (“EC”) approval of the Microsoft and Activision-Blizzard purchase, the United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority (“CMA”) has put out a Twitter thread explaining its decision to block the purchase in clearer terms. The CMA argues that all three major commisions from the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe are unanimous in that “this merger would harm competition in cloud gaming” and that this merger would “set the terms and conditions in this (cloud gaming) market for the next ten years.” The CMA believes that the merger would once again give too much power to Microsoft in the cloud market and once again the Authority “stands by its decision” in blocking the deal.

Have a gander at the sourced Twitter thread below.

Our response to the European Commission's announcement today on Microsoft/Activision ⬇


— Competition & Markets Authority (@CMAgovUK) May 15, 2023


It was nice of Sony’s lawyers to help CMA write this so speeditiously. :wink:


Why would they even come out with this statement? It sounds like they are feeling pressure. They are going to be the only regulator that blocks this deal and its going to make the UK look anti business.


I guess there’s two ways of reading this,

  • There want to make it clear they are not changing their mind (unless forced to)


  • They know they’ve messed up, all eyes on them, laughing stock and want to try posture/bluff to scare people off.

As I live in England I doubt the CMA will ever change its mind. Will the CAT or even the government step in and change matters I don’t know. What I do know is the CMA is completely incompetent. Remember their 1 year = 5 year error, fun times.


If Sony came and was angry about this decision, it would be logical and understandable

But a regulator like CMA is angry about another regulator’s decision ???

WTF is wrong with CMA ???


What a poverty level Government entity.


It’s embarrassing.

These people are supposed to be professionals yet the descend into stubborn pettiness over a speculative future market which currently barely exists.

A real court of law would kick these CMA clowns out the front door.


Yea one org should not have the power to stop a merger already approved by most of the world, no matter what happens here the CMA needs to be reigned in and a procedure built to either get around them or a more concise method of appeal

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I thought this was a parody fake at first.


What is funny is that there are other regulatory bodies who have cleared the deal, it is not just the EC. Infact the CMA is the odd one out at the moment along with the FTC.

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And let’s not forget that Lina Khan met with regulators from the CMA. I’m not into conspiracy theories, but it does seem a bit sus. :smile:


Are they aware that EC represents a larger portion of Europe than they do? Or Ukraine passing the deal?

I can see every other European countries that hasn’t passed the deal doing so now that the EC is on board.

Turkey is probably iminent (though, they are really at the cross roads of Europe and the Middle East, idk which they technically fall into). Are there others in Europe that are reviewing that acquisition?

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Don’t remember by name but in the thread there was talks about several European countries that are reviewing the deal, and have pushed back their dates as they waited for the EC/larger regulators. As they’re smaller regulatory bodies that generally doesn’t have the same resources.


FTC and CMA sure love bringing the EC into their findings… doesn’t look sus at all.


FTC haven’t even gone through any process they’ve just blocked it from the start

The complaint about setting the terms and conditions in this (cloud gaming) market for the next ten years makes no sense as the remedies is a EC remedy. They don’t like at market distortion from remedies the same way that the CMA does.

In my opinion, this one is over and they know it. EC remedies removes Microsoft incentives to foreclose in the cloud gaming market completely.


FTC did not block it. They ask a judge to block it, that is quite different and why MS can close the deal without FTC approval. Of course, the judge can block, but this is not FTC decision. Everybody think FTC case is weak and that is why the deal is on CMA shoulders (and theoretically China).

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It does especially since the CMA chair said they didn’t have waivers for the visit.