UFL - New Football Game

UFL is a new soccer game aiming to take on the genre’s core games, FIFA and eFootball. It will be available for free on all major gaming consoles.

Announced during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live, UFL is a football simulation set up as a global online football league in which “players will be able to create their own football clubs made up of more than 5000 licensed footballers and compete with other gamers worldwide to prove their skills and climb to the very top of the league.”

It comes from a new studio, Strikerz Inc., which has been developing the game for five years already. The game was introduced as “Fair to play”, with an emphasis on player skill, and no pay-to-win elements. It is being developed in Unreal Engine, and a release date will be announced “soon”.

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Strikerz Inc. is an international gaming brand founded in 2016 by shareholders of Vizor Games and Playrix, renowned mobile game developers and publishers. In strategic partnership with the abovementioned studios, Strikerz Inc. operates globally with five regional offices and over 200 employees worldwide. The company’s football simulator UFL represents a revolution in online football gaming, offering players an unprecedented console-gaming experience.


Really interested to see how this turns out. The genre can use some competition and refreshing ideas.

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This is welcome.

However, difficultt to see how they topple the giant called FIFA.

FIFA and Madden is essentially EA, even though Mass Effect sold a lot. Won’t see them backing out on these two mega franchises.

I am interested in how this plays out.

Moreover people blindly buy FIFA even if every year they don’t even change the UI, it’s blatlantly the same game resold over and over, I know it well because two of my besr friends play almost only FIFA.

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There is a ‘what if’ situation too - I could see Xbox buying someone like Take2 (18-20bn) for franchises like nba2k, wwe2k, pga2k. etc. along with the usual mega franchises of gta, rdr etc.

There was a report in 2018 of them considering EA - but EA is now over 40bn, and outside the realm of possibility.

There is a huge value in saying a popular sports franchise is only on Xbox.

Nah, sports IP holders don’t want exclusivity, even if Xbox would buy T2, they’ll let NBA2K multiplatform or they’d sell it to EA imo.

They won’t sell that part to EA in that case. Visual Concepts is an amazing sports studio btw. There is a reason NBA2k is regarded highly.

PS - I think we have gone way off topic. LOL

It’s difficult, but PES/WE was once the main football game and today is far from FIFA. It’s hardly going to become the biggest football game but depending on the choices it might annoy EA.

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This game doesn’t have to topple FIFA. It just needs to get enough of a userbase to challenge EA to properly innovate.