Ubisoft’s Planned King Arthur Game Was Nixed by Ex-Creative Head - Bloomberg





Hope this leads to more diverse output from Ubisoft.

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The Splinter Cell blocker is gone.

An Arthurian game would actually be super cool. A shame this never came to fruition.

Welcome to the XboxEra forum. Our little beta test. Please keep it a little secret for now. We’re working on rolling out the experience to a broader audience.

Oh and report bugs in the appropriate forum!

Will do! I have my little Proboard thing at XboxJoy right now and I’m happy to put in a word there to migrate our 20 users when all is ready. Site is great thus far. :slight_smile:


This could have been good. Maybe Ubisoft will go back to it and restart development at some point.

Oh man that is a bummer. This game could have been amazing.

That sucks, I always wanted an open world RPG based on King Arthur and in the style the movie Excalibur.

Every fantasy RPG borrows heavily from Arthurian stories but we never actually get a King Arthur RPG

I like Ubisoft games, but they surely have a recipe that I am not sure if it would work for this idea. Well, anyway, unannounced projects get canned all the time.