Ubisoft is going to make really great games for XSX

I think Ubisoft have a lot of great games for the future, they have :

  • WD Legions which looks really good, a great surprise
  • AC Valhallah which look better than Odyssey and Origins according to me
  • Riders Republic which look incredible
  • God and Monsters, at first I think it was a sub BOTW, after watching gameplay I’m really hyped, this game have an identity
  • Skull and Bones which get reboot and is going to be more " sea of thieves" and it’s fantastic because SOT is a model and a great game

Microsoft really find a good partnership, future Series S bundle with Riders Republic are going to sell like hot cakes !


Should be great on the PS5 and PC too!

Seriously though, I was disappointed with their show outside of Fenyx Rising. Their over-reliance on GaaS games puts most of their games under a similar template and I’m hoping for something new. A Splinter Cell announcement would go a long way to earning excitement.

You didn’t like Riders Republic ?

You are half not right there. Towards the end of this gen their games followed a very similar template and almost felt like the game came off a production line lol. They do need to start differentiating their games, but they won’t because they have gone down the GaaS route.

Origins and Odyssey are two of my favorite games of the last several years so I’m super hyped for Valhalla, and it’s going to be a showpiece on Series X for sure.

Fenyx Rising looks great too, but I decided I’m going to wait for a discount on the ultimate edition. Ubisoft games never take too long to get discounted on XBLM.

The only recent Ubisoft games Ive liked are rainbow six and splinter cell. There AC games are quantity over quality which is one of the biggest sin a dev can do in my book.

Origins is amazing and I did everything that game had to offer. Odyssey on the other hand I couldn’t.

To be fair I have not played one since unity, but just assasination missions and loot collecting are really boring to me. I like open world games like RDR2 where every mission has a purpose that is real.

That has potential, I just need to see more. Don’t understand what the main objective is other than downhill extreme racing.

This made me happy! I thought it had been shelved. Visuals were beautiful!

And this crushes my hopes. I was very interested during the SoT announcement. Lost all of that with the MMO/service loops. If the same is true with Skull and Bones… :disappointed:

November: Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs
December: Immortals
February: Far Cry and Riders Republic

5 seemingly great games coming in the span of 4 months for next gen consoles, and I am legitimitely interested in them all. And that’s not counting Just Dance for obvious reasons.

Watch dogs legions and fenyx rising look more fun than I thought it they would be.

I hope for splinter cell as well. Played some with BC and they hold up well.

When you list out every major Ubisoft release in the next six months it’s pretty crazy (because Watch Dogs Legion and Immortals Fenyx Rising are releasing later than planned), even without including smaller stuff like Scott Pilgrim and Roller Champions.

Agreed. I have 4 Ubisoft games in the next 4 months.

  1. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (November)
  2. Far Cry 6 (February)
  3. Immortals Fenyx Rising (December)
  4. Watch Dogs Legion (November)

Ubisoft also has Beyond Good and Evil 2 down the line as well as Avatar from Massive. As for Skull & Bones, please no, I don’t want it to be Sea of Thieves. It looked great a few years ago. Just needs to be the pirate version of Black Flag. Give me my fucking pirate game you assholes!!! The blueprint is right there!!! SMH.

(cries) because I know im not getting the pirate game that I want (cries)

I’m actually interested in most of these weirdly enough. Also depends on what we get from Game Pass at that time, anything can happen.

Hey! Stop reading my private journal. It’s PRIVATE!


Ubisoft in next 5 months

Oct - Watch Dogs

Nov - AC

Dec - Fynx

Jan - Prince and Raiders republic

Feb - Far cry 6

Until they get a new Splinter Cell out they’re in my bad books.

Hahahaha. It’s not my fault you left it on the subway. lol.

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maybe after the whole open world cancer dies down at their company. The only reason PoP is back is it’s just a remake, they probably had to sit down and cry about how it’s going against their open world ethos to bring back one of their games from a time not ridden by their current approach to every IP.