Two Xbox games announced for Nintendo Switch

Will any of you be double dipping?


If these can access your Xbox save and means that the Switch is essentially a portable Xbox for those games… then that’s a tempting option. But, not for these two at the moment. Only just going through Pentiment for the first time right now, and Grounded didn’t stick with me at all.

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Nah ive already played them and honestly my cloud experience with Pentiment was fien enough. Dont care for Grounded but im suspect how that game will run

The only games i would consider double dipping on Switch is the HD Banjo Remasters… or the entire Rare replay catalogue.

I see no reason why i would do this.

Grounded and Pentiment? I’m surprised that Hi-Fi Rush wasn’t the first out the gate. Seems more Nintendo-y of the three.

Although maybe it’s hardware related and they’re holding off on Hi-Fi until the next Switch.

The showcase was for games releasing in the first half of 2024 so that would be my guess as to why Hi Fi Rush wasn’t there.


Yeah it can’t be 60fps on the Switch and I’d say it’s pretty integral for the game to be 60. Also looks damn weird if they put it on Switch but not XB1 :skull:


Plenty of time left in today. :slight_smile:


Surely the plan (pre rumours and accelerated “business update”) wasn’t just to push out via partner announcements 4 new games for PS and Switch and leave existing Xbox customers hanging? Right Phil? There’s also going to be a surprise announcement for your existing customers. you know the ones that buy stuff from you already. Right? Phil?

A bit tongue in cheek, but was it really the plan to just drop these out of nowhere and then throw us a bone at the end of the month to explain it all to Xbox owners?