Two new Game Pass Ultimate Perks announced for P3Reload and Final Fantasy XIV


The FF14 perk might be a trap. If you get the starter edition, which give you access to the full game, you’ll lose the ability to play the trial version afterwards.

And the trial version has a lot of content for free.

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Good to know. Thanks !

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So in theory, play all free content and then get the perk?


Yeah. Play the trial all you want and then decide if you wanna continue.

Persona 3’s expansion/dlc coming to UItimate is such a W. It’s like when they gave you the ultimate edition of Gears 5.

It’s worth noting the trial version does have limitations - you can play the base game and the first two expansions (which is a huge amount of content) but you have a gil cap on your account, can’t join guilds, can use the market board etc. It’s mostly to stop bots. The trial is an excellent way to get into the game though and if you wanted you could absolutely play through a mountain of content, but there is also benefits to switching to a full account.


I think the best way to do it is finish the base story game and if you liked what you played, redeem the code. Granted, it gets even better afterward, but I think your judgment would be determined from there.

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Very glad to see them finally getting back to using the perks for proper stuff.