Twitter @TomWarren “Microsoft is planning special gaming, cloud, and Windows events over the coming months. These news events will dig deeper into specific categories, and they're new for 2021“


It seems they are moving away from Inside Xbox, and doing something new. I’m really looking forward to that.


Hopefully the people in charge get with the program & start doing “Xbox Direct”.

There’s a reason Sony just copied Nintendo there. It works perfectly.


They also have the content pipeline in place now to do it.


I’m just hoping they give me a 90 minute Xbox Games Showcase in June with a lot of gameplay and a few release dates/release windows and I will be a very happy gamer.


I just want some deep dives etc. Enough with the rap artists, car salesmen and morning TV.

Copy Nintendo it just works

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Just do what the ID@Xbox does and everyone is happy.


With a million Studios now we do need some kind of rolling Video series on what the studios are doing.


So what do we reckon are the big plans for Gamepass and Xcloud?

I think Xcloud is surely it rolling out to new markets and the blades getting upgraded to Series X, with Gamepass I am not entirely sure apart from games coming to the service.

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Idk, everything is so godamn slow.

Last month i predicted a Inside Xbox this month (February). Perhaps that was too soon to call but it’s definitely coming sooner than later.

ID @ Xbox already does the showcase format so well it’s not foreign to Xbox I think they just tried and failed to elevate it above a simple talking over BRoll


I really hate the Inside Xbox format so hopefully Microsoft does adopt the Nintendo approach.

For xCloud:

  • Browser support (including iOS)
  • Windows app public release
  • Series X blades

I’d say all those things are locks.

For Game Pass, no idea but could imagine:

  • Publisher deals ranging from EA Play style total integration (Ubi+?) to just announcing all the games in a big series as they have done with FF, Yakuza etc. in the past. Souls would be big.
  • Start announcing the drop dates for Bethesda games.
  • A cheaper cloud-only subscription tier to try to build the mobile user base as a real pillar of the service, not just a nice add on for console users.

The first 3 are definitely locks because Phil has already said so and all 3 will be crucial to expand Gamepass’s reach.

A publisher arrangement does seem the most likely in terms of what I would consider big plans and Ubisoft has been rumoured that something could happen. A cheaper cloud only option for Gamepass is a must if Microsoft is serious about Gamepass because $15 a month to stream is too expensive for a lot of the world. I am just unsure how you would fit it in the current tiers.

I expect things to change with Game Pass, with new tiers, and with that, new prices. After all, Phil has already talked about a Game Pass Platinum.

the only way Xbox will succeed at these shows is when they stop adding those “woaah oho hoo woah ho oho ho” sounds in all their promo videos.

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Inside Xbox is too casual. They need bigger events with more hype. They can keep Inside Box as long as they also do bigger events.

I’m not sure where I watched/read it but there was a thing about why Inside Xbox was so casual and “try to hard to be funny” and it was because there wasn’t a casual show for casuals to watch. The hardcore people get their info from a lot of places like E3, IGN, Reddit, Twitter and that but there wasn’t an easy thing for the super casual which is the reason Inside Xbox was more casual. Apparently it actually helped the casual market find out new games and news so it’s probably why they kept on doing it.

The hardcore audience though are very vocal and expect every show to be a piece of E3 explosive news about everything. If there isn’t explosive news about a new game or studio being bought the entire show is shit and they shouldn’t have had it. That mindset needs to change because people’s expectations are getting way too bloody high. I can see people call an E3 show shit because there wasn’t a new studio announced in future, it’s getting that bad.

I think the best way to go about this is have;

  • Inside Xbox (maybe different format not like as is now): News, Game Pass additions, new console features, DLC announcements and a 3rd party showcase

  • E3 Showcase: Big daddy of shows, new IP showcased, brand new games announced, Game Pass news, platform wide news, new studios (if any) the big stuff.

  • Xbox Direct: Throughout the whole year, before new game launches have a 30minute episode of Xbox Direct with the title of the game so, Xbox Direct: Halo Infinite for example. These 30minute episodes of Xbox Direct would include dev playthroughs, info on future plans of the game DLC/update wise, in-depth conversations about the way they made the game and reasons why they did certain things.

  • X02x: End of year celebration of the last year in Xbox, news about future projects in the upcoming year (teasers), showcases of games that come out in the first 3-4 months of the next year, DLC announcements and Game Pass news.