Twin Stick + Arcade Roguelite 'Go Mecha Ball' Launches onto Xbox Game Pass January 25, 2024

Originally published at: Twin Stick + Arcade Roguelite 'Go Mecha Ball' Launches onto Xbox Game Pass January 25, 2024 - XboxEra

Developer Whale Peak Games and publisher Super Rare Games today announce the release date for ‘Go Mecha Ball’, the asymmetric arcade-style twin stick shooter coming to PC via Steam and Xbox consoles on the 25th of January, 2024—launching Day One into Xbox Game Pass.

Embark on an immersive journey through the neon-lit realms of Go Mecha Ball, where players engage in dynamic twin-stick shooter combat, executing acrobatic maneuvers across vibrant 3D platforms with pinball-style physics. Soaring above the chaos, players can boost up ramps, bounce off lively bumpers, or ride the updraft from giant fans, incorporating a layer of dynamic movement into their chosen strategy as they face waves of destructive robot enemies, colossal bosses and arcade-like obstacles.

Players can unleash the power of four distinct gun-wielding mechs, each with its own unique arsenal of weapons, abilities, and upgrades that can be added between runs for roguelike progression through vivid and exciting levels. Utilise over 25 tools for mass destruction, and explore the ways that more than 20 quirky abilities customise the experience of each gun-toting run across four visually stunning worlds full of enemies and challenges.

The game’s dynamically generated and interactive soundtrack adds another layer to the chaos, where each gunshot, impact and interaction is reflected in an immersive soundscape creating a symphony of uniqueness for each player’s journey.


  • Action-packed twin-stick shooter with arcade roguelite elements
  • Experience the dual gameplay of walking and shooting as a mech, or rolling and bumping as a ball
  • Navigate dynamic arena playgrounds with a mix of rolling, bouncing, leaping, and bounding
  • Conquer four diverse worlds filled with unique enemies and obstacles
  • Arm yourself with a versatile arsenal of over 25 destructive tools
  • Unleash over 20 quirky and devastating abilities to dominate your foes
  • Enhance your mechs with a vast array of more than 50 upgrades, creating a truly personalized combat experience.

Have a gander at the trailer and gallery below for more details on Go Mecha Ball.

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