True achievements is doing something that's pretty neat

You can get a cool infograph from them dubbed “My Xbox Story” that shows all of your major 360 & One milestones. Here’s is mine:

Kind of cool.


Oh man, that’s really great-looking. Props to the TA team, glad I used their affiliate link to buy my Series X :grin:

Makes me wish I were able to access my 360 achievements and saves, but I’ve made my peace with it.

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I started gaming on Xbox in 2018:


Just noticed that My first games played on 360 and ONE were Dead Rising games. Real shame we have no new dead rising for XSX launch.


The most interesting stats for me are “most played game” and “value of games”. Some mindblowing numbers out there :stuck_out_tongue:

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MS should give these guys the Xbox achievement code and green light them to improve the current section.


I’ll 2nd this. I wish MS would borrow some features from TA or partner with them to incorporate TA into the Xbox experience.

It just feels like MS doesn’t care about achievements anymore and this feeling is furthered by them dropping them from the Xbox app for iOS and Android. I was surprised when I loaded up the app that I could no longer look at achievements and I don’t know why they would’ve taken that ability out. It’s frustrating.


My estimated value… £18.292 :astonished:

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Some of these stats seem a little off, but pretty cool.

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This was a bummer for me too! Thirding that the TA folks deserve to have some work offered to them by MS.

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Man. Whenever I saw Dead Rising gameplay on YouTube where people would grab the most random stuff and kill zombies in weird ways was just absolutely mind blowing. It was a top 3 game I wish I could play when I was PS only.

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I love the stats stuff that TrueAchievements do


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Oh my…

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I started in 2018 as well, but have been playing Xbox for years with my friends and family. Just bit the bullet for one of my own then.

Gotta admit, 36360 is a cool number.

Although some are off (FH2 I have played, Halo I played MCC which is counted as 1 instead of 6, etc.)

Oooo! I love stuff like this!

@brunopcosta1 Quantum Break being your first completion is a good one. Idk how it’s my “slowest game completion” when I def beat it quickly. I immediately went thru the 2nd playthrough after I beat it the first time, lol. What a game!

@MasterLeePhD Wow. Completing Witcher 3 will never happen for me, but what a game to complete! Congrats on that! I’ll be going thru the DLC when the Series X patch arrives and I can’t wait. :slight_smile:

Here’s mine, I’ve been on 360 since launch but I started my new account at the very tail end of 2011. The most played games is definitely wrong for Xbox One :joy:

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Wow, is LocoCycle that good?

I loved Quantum Break! Actually, it was the game that made me go back to achievement hunting. I’ve played all my life on a PlayStation before I made the switch to Xbox in 2018, leaving nine years of trophies behind. Because of that I had trouble finding joy in achievement hunting for a while, but that changed with Quantum Break!

I envy you guys so much with all your achievements going back to 2005. I miss my trophies :frowning:

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Oh man, that would be tough! I couldn’t leave my gamerscore behind lol. I don’t do much trophy hunting on Playstation, cuz I don’t really find the trophy score to be as satisfying as building my gamerscore. Welcome to the Xbox family tho! I usually only complete games that have achievements that won’t take ten years, and games I really enjoy lol. I like that they can add extra things to do in games if you’re done with them or while you play. I would love for MS to add a “Platinum-like” achievement for games that we 1k. That’s the one thing I do like with trophies. And it’s annoying when you 1k a game and then dlc comes and ruins it. I’d like dlc to be separate somehow.

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