Toshihiro Nagoshi leaves Sega

This was expected. but the surprise was that he is bringing Daisuke Sato with him too. Sato is a very talented designer. He was the director of Binary Domain and Yakuza 3, produced many Yakuza games, worked with Nagoshi on Fzero and Super Monkey Ball, he also was part of the Streets of Rage 4 team. I thought Sato would take over RGG studios and have a bigger leadership role within Sega if Nagoshi left. I never thought I would see the day that Nagoshi leaves Sega until that Bloomberg report came out like 5-6 weeks ago. I thought no way maybe Bloomberg is wrong but they were right again :frowning:

Hmmm, this is while LAD was a huge success, right? Hopefully this won’t affect future games too negatively.

Although I’m not sure if future games will be for me since the future is turn-based. These two didn’t have anything to do with Judgment?

MS should found a second studio within Tango and snap them both up to helm it.


I think the rumor was that he was being poached by Tencent.


They went to NetEase

So the rumors may have been true. Sad to see them leave, but I do wish them the best for their futures. And unlike what certain people are saying RGG is not doomed. They’ll be just fine. Looking forward to seeing how they continue Ichiban Kasuga’s story.

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LAD had a different director, Ryosuke Hurii who’s still at RGG. But yeah, losing the oversight of the franchise creator is gonna affect it a little bit at least, but I am not personally as familiar with the games to know if that’s for the better or worse. Just that it’s not all doom and gloom for sure, RGG will handle the franchise just fine.

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LAD 2 is the correct decision. Can’t wait.

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So glad to see the back of Nagoshi-san. Hopefully, creativity will return to SEGA

Is this the guy that was in bed with Sony for so long? Or someone else.

He’s just the guy that killed creativity in SEGA for decades as well as being super arrogant to SEGA’s western staff and always late for meetings.I’m Very glad to see the back of him myself. Masayoshi Kikuchi should have been leading SEGA, one of the best producers in Japan


End of an era

End of an era but still excited for the future of RGG. I think the Yakuza series will be just fine.

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