Top-down Shooter 'Zombies, Aliens and Guns' Now Available on PC and Consoles

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Developer 9Ratones and publisher Ratalaika Games have announced that their top-down shooter ‘Zombies, Aliens and Guns’ is now available on PC via Steam, PlayStation, Xbox consoles, and the Nintendo Switch. The game will retail for $5.99 / €5.99.

Players will run ‘n gun across a variety of levels, collecting vaccines and fending off hordes of zombies in this 2.5D top-down shooter!

Earth Needs a Hero – is it You?

Releasing on 26th April on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X & S, Nintendo Switch and PC Steam, the player is Earth’s last hope against an invasion from a band of military rebels! The protagonist must rescue survivors, collect vaccines, and fight off hordes of zombies*.

*(The zombies are actually humans. Aliens attacked the planet and started turning people into zombies).

Non-stop action prevails throughout. Cross the terrain in a jeep, catch up with the train and destroy it…. face the root cause and defeat it. Life could not be so, erm… deadly!

Action, Events, Problems!

The main character is a peacekeeper, who is tasked with delivering the vaccine to the main headquarters. But during the flight, the helicopter crashed.

You will encounter pockets of zombies popping up all over the world. Scientists, unable to understand the origin of these phenomena, are trying to treat the zombies. They’ve used antiviral drugs. Nothing worked. But one military scientist found a way to subdue and tame the zombies – he invented a vaccine, which should be transferred to all countries on earth.

Progression & Aggression!

The character, as he progresses, will unlock and have access to 3 weapons – an assault rifle (default), a shotgun and a machine gun. Each weapon is upgraded, increasing the strength and rate of fire. On different locations it is more convenient to play with a shotgun, on some locations with a machine gun. But always remember that bullets run out and it takes a little time to replenish them. You can also use acceleration, dash.

Some Interesting Facts

In case of death, the player starts the game from the beginning of the current level. In some locations zombies can be random, in some, where you have to go from point to point or save survivors, enemies are more linear.

There is no inventory, it all depends on which weapon crate you pick up. Some crates may be hidden in the game location. The player can only see the number of bullets and lives.

At almost every location, you have to solve a certain problem. For example, to bring the driver to the jeep. Collecting medicines and weapons. If the driver dies, the mission is over.

There are several biomes in the game, there is a tropical island, a forested area. The main character will ride not only on cars but also on a boat. Will visit the port. Will get through the night motorway and the dead village. Will find the cause of all the evils, will get to the alien base and destroy the main evil alien, which is protected by hordes of his zombies and aliens.

Summing Up the Game in a Sentence

A zany action film-esque game featuring zombies, aliens and guns.

Have a gander at the trailer and screenshots below for more details on Zombies, Aliens and Guns.