Top 10 Weirdest Game Launches of 2020 - XboxEra


Pretty solid list!


Some of these releases have the same problem:

  • Bleeding Edge
  • Rocket Arena
  • HyperScape

Launching in a time where multiplayer is dominated by F2P accessible titles by big studios.

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At least HyperSpace was free and Bleeding Edge was on Game Pass. Rocket Arena on the other hand was pure madness by EA.

Bleeding Edge didn’t have the support (or the netcode) to become something bigger. A shame, as I liked the character designs. A bit over the top, but they worked for me. Overwatch on steroids.

Good list, you even remembered Marcus Lehtos Disintegration. But you forgot the biggest launch bust in 2020 - Amazons Crucible.

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A meatier Bleeding Edge should have been saved for release with the Series X|S.

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Honestly even adding offline content could bring this game potentially further.

At this point though, I’m just assuming aside from a patch here or there, BE is done being supported.

I hope to be wrong though.

Looking forward to playing the Gears 5 Hivebusters DLC and pre-ordered Immortals Fenyx Rising digital gold edition back in November but yeah, both had weird launches. Hoping Immortals does great as im hoping it becomes a franchise for Ubisoft. Also hoping that Hivebusters is a preview of what to expect with Gears 6.

Did not, actually - we focused on titles that were available on Xbox :slight_smile:

That game went back into alpha or something right? Incredible…

They shut it completly down after a couple of months and refunded purchases of ingame items. It was so bad.