Todd Howard: "Our largest engine overhaul since Oblivion" for Starfield and TES VI

With how absolutely crazy it has been today with the Xbox news it’s easy to miss some stuff. But this sounds promising to me. Todd Howard in his post about joining Xbox talked a little bit about Starfield and also TES VI.

Largest engine overhaul since Oblivion eh? And we also know TES VI will be using photogrammatry. Now I know Todd can exeggerate a lot, but that part about the engine does sound good.


I really hope we start hearing more about Starfield soon, and that it’s not as far away as it seems like it might be.


Yeah, my hunger for news is crazy at this point.


I love how he mentions the CPU & data streaming advancements. Open world games see the most benefits from a good CPU. God, Starfield/TESVI are going to be amazing :heart_eyes:.


And game pass day one.

It’s just…sweetness.


Forza will use photogrammatry as well many games can switch to this hardware heavy method now.

Games will look gorgeous.


I believe Forza 7 even already uses it, right? And Battlefront 1 and 2 and BFV I think as well.

Fuck, the future for my favorite studio is promising!


Just imagine if MS announced in the next two months that it’s an Xbox console exclusive for 2021. Folks would be stampeding to cancel their PS5 preorders and switch to Series X.

Absolutely. True hardcore BGS fans for sure. That is why I’m not sure if MS where to decide to keep some of these heavy hitters multiplatform would be a good idea. But that’s just me assuming, for all we know they do keep it to Xbox and PC.

But if we go by what Bethesda themselves wrote it sounds like they will be publishing Starfield. PS5 owners can likely breath a sigh of relief.

In the end all I care about that the timed exclusive deal with Sony didn’t happen and that we’re getting BGS’s new IP in 25 years day one on GP. Superb. :slight_smile:

We need an Elder Scrolls trilogy remaster in the meantime, k thanks.

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A lot of AAA uses photoscans already, it’s just cheaper and quicker to do than authoring your own photoreal assets from scratch. In fact, expect a lot more of its usage now that Megascans is completely free with Unreal Engine.

If any game can stop me playing Stellaris, it will be Starfield.

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Excited to see more!

One of the best things I love about ZeniBeth being under one roof is they can probably take a little more time to iron the game out. “Oh shit we need a few more months to release a better product!”, “No worries, Undead Labs, Turn10, Playground, Rare, Obsidian, etc will hold it down for a few or we can try to get some type of addition to GamePass to tide peeps over.” A bit off the wall, but I’m sure you get my drift. I’m excited to see if they can put out a, ES/FO game that doesn’t really need and “Unofficial” patch.

I’m really curious to see what this game is all about. From the tidbits of information that have slipped out, it seems to be less space opera and more like Star Trek. Which I’m all for as a big Trek fan. Hopefully we’re out there exploring alien worlds and trying to survive in the harshness that is space.

I won’t even speculate on a release year. I just hope the game is in good shape when it does release.