Today is #Skyrim10 but it's also Dishonored 2's anniversary. Which path did you choose?

Did you choose Corvo or Emily ?
  • Corvo
  • Emily
  • Didn’t play the game (shame)

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I didn’t choose because I played both :fire:

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Did an Emily no-kill run, and I rejected the powers (? Is that a thing?)

Intended on doing a Corvo murder magic run afterwards but never got around to it. I did get all the achievements for the base game of the first one though!

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I remember Playing it 3 times, Emily no powers killed a lot of people(specifically at the party with all the rich corrupt people socializing, I only let the servants walk out alive), had her become a tyrant.

Corvo was my second playthrough clean hands achievement for him.

And a third time with Emily with powers.


Come to think of it, I played the first one on the 360 and the second one on the PS4. Might be time to go back and revisit Dishonored 2 since it’s on Game Pass… But first

“Today is the day that we’ll get FPS Boost news”

Just a little @javycane impression :stuck_out_tongue:

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