To announce events or not to?

So as we all know a couple of things from Xbox have leaked, Which do you think is best, a random drop or announcing an event?

I actually think the random drop is better, because it creates no expectations.

  • Random Drop
  • Announce event

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It really depends. Having a big games showcase is great. For other things an Xbox Wire drop or an embargo for the press is better.

There can also be random drops of big events. Imagine if the PS5 event or big xbox event was just randomly dropped, people would be freaking out.

Its kinda like

Announced event DecimalPowerfulAmberpenshell-small

Random drop bKDU93v

So far this year, I’ve preferred the random tweets to the organized events.

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The surprises have worked so much better (XSX reveal, XSS leak) than everything else. I hope that is something the marketing team have noticed.

Information will reach everyone anyways, it’s not like in the olden days where you needed people to gather in front of the TV at a set time.

Everytime MS have scheduled an event, it gets overhyped and inevitably stumbles.

The random drops have fared much better.


For Microsoft, random drops would be better excluding events like E3 and XO.


Too soon for this gif… maybe ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Random drop is good for isolated stuff.

An event has to be packed with some small stuff and bigger stuff. I prefer that, I think.

Changed it.

Ok, thanks.

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if you’re gonna announce an event before hand the sweet spot is a day or two before , this whole several days to a week to weeks before stuff is nonsense that just leaves folks going on about how you “hyped up” the event .

so far shorter marketing cycles and random announcements have mostly paid off without time for the hype and speculation and opinion cycles to screw you over.


Hard to say tbh. I’d always have presumed announcing an event to build hype would be best, but no events live up to the hype surrounding them anymore or really even come close. OTOH, random surprise news can be huge as we saw with XSX announce and the XSS leaks. I’m thinking it depends on what news it being presented. If it’s new games, announce that shortly prior. If it’s stuff where all the exciting deets can fit into a couple still images (like we got this week), maybe random drop works best.


This is how I like MS to act…

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It’s a tough trade off-- Microsoft has announced things maybe too early ahead of time which has lead to expectations and speculation getting out of hand. On the other hand, Nintendo drops Directs on pretty short notice, which leaves fans in a constant state of wondering if there will be news that week.

I think the big mistake for the July event was making it all games. There’s a certain point when it’s trailer after trailer that people just kind of go numb to what’s being shown. They would have been better off with maybe half the trailers and then showing some of the quality of life improvements that would come with the new hardware-- faster loading, side by side comparisons, and quick resume.