A 2v2 push forward sandbox experience TITAN is the undeniable remake of MultiLockOn’s 2016 Halo 5 map Legion. Legion | ForgeHub Forged by Mags Dies (layout & redesign) and LargerFiend (aesthetics).

I can’t recall exactly when the first time I played Legion was, but the map had been out for at least a couple of years by the time I had stepped foot on it. While sprint thrust slide jumping across the map something just clicked with my brain. I was having fun just moving around the map and from there I grew an appreciation for the level design and knew its design deserved to live on in the next game. About two years ago I had reached out to Multi about remaking his map after getting the green light I had asked him if there was anything he wanted to change or do differently. “Make the map more accessible” was the advice he gave, and two years later I got to work.

Getting the map to feel like Legion became quite the challenge. The way you moved across the map in Halo 5 wasn’t going to translate into to Infinite. 1:1 wasn’t going to work here, and just time scaling wasn’t working well either, Instead the majority of the scaling was done with how the player made jumps and clambers.

The Maps aesthetics were done by LargerFiend. I had gone back and forth on the theme for years waiting for forge to launch. It had to be holy but not Forerunner I wanted to be brutalist but not Banished. After settling on a theme, I gave Fiend some examples of what I wanted, and he made some of the most unique architecture I had seen on a Halo map its really badass and I can’t thank him enough for how awesome of a job he did.

For those familiar with the map the rock platform lift was left out intentionally due to players not standing still on moving objects and the horrible screen shaking that went along with it. I’m hoping this gets fixed so I can add it back in at some point.


Great visuals on this!