Tips for buying Sofa / Furniture

Hello All,

I moved into a 1 bedroom apartment (just me living here - no pets) this past year and haven’t furnished out my main living room yet. Setup a surround sound system and a 4k TV for when I eventually get a Xbox Series X so I can game away from computer (working from home has made me hate using my computer lol).

The pandemic has made it a little problematic in terms of furniture shopping and I haven’t had much experience in this domain - I want to get a sofa and a coffee table for when I can actually have at least one other person over. Any tips or things I should look out when furniture shopping? I have carpeted flooring but should I buy a separate rug to go underneath the sofa? Don’t think I want power-seating - probably would prefer something that is comfortable for my back and neck and then an ottoman if I want to rest my feet up.

I live in Germany so I can’t really recommend specific pages. But maybe ebay?

My general tip is just because something looks comfortable, it doesn’t mean it is. Beyond that, just shop around. Most furniture places sell the same stuff and some charge hundreds of dollars more for the same exact thing.

I don’t know where you live, but you should check out “Bob’s Discount Furniture”. I bought a couch from there and it’s incredibly comfortable. In fact, almost everything I sat in there was very comfortable ( I think they use their own memory foam for all their stuff). Prices are pretty good too.

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If you want back/neck comfort I would recommend you look at matching recliners rather than a sofa (assuming space/budget allows). As someone with neck, back, and hip issues related to multiple traumatic fractures, my recommendation is to get something to cradle one body rather than pack two to four together.

Also, in an apartment, removing the recliner back may make moving in/out/around easier. One additional point, unless you’re in a high end apartment with per unit sound control, your neighbors may not appreciate surround sound. Maybe look into a great soundbar (Polk S2 or Sonos) and headphones? Or, if you’re set on surround sound, plan to massively lower the sub! My hearing is not the greatest and even with just the TV audio I always had complaining neighbors. However most worked evenings and nights on top of paper thin walls.

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I had not considered getting another recliner - that’s a good idea. I dont really like my current recliner all that much though. I just bought it as a budget interim solution lol.

I already have the surround sound but definitely try to be cautious with it and not be disruptive. I usually dont have it very loud but the mixing on some shows can be obnoxious lol

Not all recliners are created equal. There are some that within a minute my posture is so bad I go sit on a floor. My wife is significantly shorter and in general hates chairs I like. Furniture shopping with her S-U-C-Ks! :grin:

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My wife and I came from a smaller house, and we found that we hardly entertained guests but spent a lot of time in the living room in front of the TV - gaming, watching movies, reading, crafting, etc. we had a matching couch and loveseat, but they took up a lot of room so we decided we’d downsize and find things that made us comfortable. We ended up with two nice recliners and had extra seating in the form of quality beanbag chairs for others to sit if we had guests. In the event we had “a bunch” of people over, we also had comfortable dining table chairs we’d picked up from ikea (padded, etc) that could be used.

I’d always recommend a rug in your living room and under your dining table. Get something cushy and soft so you can dig your toes in and feel good! It also protects you against losing your security deposit if you spill something. I’m prone to spills, so it’s a no-brainer.

At the point of life I’m at, mid-30s - I think that my personal comfort is of most importance (and my wife of course) because honestly the older you get the less time you seem to have for others outside your household. So to sum it up, get something that fits you the best - your comfort, your space, your lifestyle - and run with it. Also, don’t be afraid spend a decent chunk of money. Furniture is something you use a lot and like good shoes, quality is super important. You’ll regret not getting something nice in the end.

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Furniture you have to experience. Do not buy just from images from the internet.


So much this. Unless your arse has experienced it first hand, don’t buy on a whim.

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Alright fells - gonna hit up a furniture shop after work today. Wish me luck - will update with results

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I ended up finally finding something at Bob’s Discount Furniture - great suggestion by @Shadowgasm. That shop never came up for my when I would do a search for furniture stores in my area and when I searched for it specifically - there was one just a few miles from me that I biked too. Ended up getting a power sofa seat that is super comfortable and actually a couple hundred under what I budgeted.

They did get me on the upsell for the warranty and having the movers assemble the furniture but figure id rather be safe than sorry lol


I’m in the same boat as you now - our aging sofa, finally gave up after all these years with the legs snapping. (Maybe my wife and I just need to lose some weight?)

Either way, I now need to pick up a new one - but as I have a huge open plan space now, I need what is effectively a horseshoe shaped one. Pickings are slim, budget is…nonexistant.