Tim Schafer and 20 Years of Double Fine - We Have Cool Friends

Greg MIller from Kinda Funny had a long interview with Tim Schafer on Friday. There isn’t much news in it (besides that Tim Schafer says the next Double Fine game will be a new IP). He’s very positive about the direction Microsoft is taking.

This week Major Nelson will be in the We Have Cool Friends show for a long interview. And he’ll also co-host the Kinda Funny xCast


@SuikerBrood New IP? YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. It’s probably going to be crazy. I’m gonna watch this a little bit later. Thanks for the link.

No problem!

Looking forward to his interview with Major Nelson too. Wonder if Greg will ask him the hard questions.

Tim Shaefer is one of my favorite people in the videogame industry. Been a fan ever since I played Grim Fandango over 2 decades ago on the PC. If you listen to interviews with his team, it seems like he gives them a lot of creative space…which seems a bit unusual to me from a guy who has such great creative ideas himself and who’s had success in the industry. I really want to see Psychonauts 2 and whatever else Double Fine works on blow up to reignite giving studios like this a little more investment industry wide.

This was good. A few notes

Brutal Legend 2 is not currently planned but it’s possible down the line

Next Double Fine game will be new IP

Tim sees delays as a a good thing because the game is not being rushed.

Here’s the one with Major Nelson.

He’s an absolute treasure.

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yea, i’m currently listening to it. Cool stuff. It’s always hearing that Larry went to Syracuse, my hometown.

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That Major Nelson interview was pretty good, I saw that yesterday. Still have to get to the Double Fine one tho lol.

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The Tim Schafer interview is great. Really loved the way Tim talked about how its the people at companies that matters.

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Really great interview! And the beard brush! :smiley: You‘re really missing out if you don‘t watch Tim here.

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Good interview ! Can’t believe its already 20 years since Double Fine was founded… Tim has always been such a positive guy and it great to see him finally have some financial stability under MS. Also hope its not too long after Psychonauts 2, we get to hear about their next project !

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I can recommend the Tim Schafer interview. The Major Nelson one is also interesting.

Kinda Funny xCast with Major Nelson wasn’t that interesting to be honest.

enjoyed this very much … thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Podcasts are generally not as fun when execs come on as guests. It limits the discussion. I do want Phil to be a guest after Series X price is revealed and Lockhart is official. Phil will probably do a interview with Giant bomb this year.

I like the Giant Bomb interviews with Spencer though. And the podcasts with Aaron Greenberg after the Xbox Games Showcase were also fine. But it doesn’t make sense to have an hour long show talking about rumours, of which Major Nelson won’t say a word. Lol.

I don’t blame Kinda Funny for having him on though. They’re trying to get the word out to the Xbox community about this new Xbox podcast so it makes sense to get a big guest like Major Nelson to promote it. Hopefully the next time they invite a Microsoft employee on it will be when there’s more they can openly discuss.

Yeah, I get why they did it. Didn’t have a problem with it, just thought it was a bit dull.

Though the one from Major Nelson on his personal journey at Microsoft and the history of Xbox was actually touching and fascinating.

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