TikTok rejects Microsoft purchase proposal

Lets redirect those funds to xbox instead shall we then!


More $$$ to throw at gaming! :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s a bullet dodged. More $$$$ to XBOX.

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Hopefully that money goes to aquiring more studios.

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Tiktok would have been interesting, but I can’t help but feel it is a fad.


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Does anyone know what numbers were that Microsoft was willing to spend on til tok?

A blessing in disguise, I dont think Tiktok has longevity. God knows what they spend on there annoying ads which just convince me to stay away from it.

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The fact that Microsoft was even considering spending the sort of money being reported on here is just…baffling to me. If the reported number was real, that money could have been used to basically buy their way to being the market leader in the biggest entertainment industry in the world.

But you know…why would they want that?

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Glad it didn’t happen although I wonder what really went on behind the scenes.

MS was going for the acquisition (which obviously didn’t happen) while Oracle ended up with a cloud contract?

Did MS even offer cloud services?

Tiktok is, at least currently, pretty massive. It also has quite the potential for growth. MS purchasing it would probably be more to compete with Google on the video content front.

Still, happy to see they didn’t spend their money on it. If only because I do believe the app will die down in the not so far future.

Microsoft lost a bid? Wow, they must not have been too interested then, it’s weird to see Microsoft lose a bid. Go and buy Bungie instead Microsoft :wink:

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Glad it didn’t happen, buying TikTok without the algorithm is useless, and the operation is expensive af

From what I’ve read, many MS employees were against the purchase anyway.

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Around 20 - 30 billions I think. Now let’s use part of it for some new studios lol.

screw it let’s not use part of it let’s use the all of it lol.

I meam even 10 billion of that would help with buying or building new studios