Three million people have played Rainbow Six Extraction since it launched last week


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The most recent Rainbow Six title Extraction has surpassed three million players within its first week. The game launched on PC, Xbox and PlayStation last week. It was included in Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on day one. Ubisoft didn’t share how many people played the game on PC, PlayStation or Xbox per platform, but it’s safe to assume many people have tried this title thanks to its presence on Xbox Game Pass.

Rainbow Six Extraction is a co-op multiplayer game – which can be played solo – for up to three players. It’s based on a limited mode in Rainbow Six Siege called Outbreak. It’s an objective based tactical shooter in procedurally generated locations. It relesed on January 20th and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Amazon Luna, Google Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. You can read our review of Rainbow Six Extraction here.


I plan on playing with my boy we are just going threw Nobody saves the world right now

Enjoying Nobody Saves The World a lot right now. Don’t think I’m gonna try Extraction. Three players isn’t a co-op group I can commit too, as we’re often with 4 (or sometimes even 5).

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Ya I normally only play 2 players coop cause of work time for them and stuff

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I like it.

Didn’t really care at all about this game leading up to release, so much that I forgot it was even a thing until it was announced for Game Pass. It’s been getting a lot of my playtime the past week though. I like it.

Once I feel i’ve had enough I might go back to Wildlands or check out Breakpoint. Im in the mood for some tactical shooters now.

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Great news, the game is fantastic. Was fearing it would flop because there was zero hype but Game Pass (certainly) saved it and I think it’s going to have good legs. Sleeper hit.

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Great to see. I look back at Siege history, so this is actually pretty good on them. If it continue to support, it will grow.

Downloaded it, played it, uninstalled after 30 minutes

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Even less for me and my buddies. Basically one or two rounds and it was enough. We weren’t enjoying it at all. The aliens look ridiculous, the shooting is meh and the audio really isn’t great at all either, guns sound weak.

This just isn’t Rainbow Six at all. Siege at least is R6, although I wish we’d get something like Raven Shield,Rogue Spear or Vegas again. Let me and my buddies go after AI tangos.

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Skull & Bones lives

I know this thread isn’t about Skull & Bones but I really wanna know what they did with it. The last rumor said they had restarted development with it being an open world game. All I wanted for so long is a pirate sim, some kind of successor to Sid Meier’s Pirates and im really hoping this is it.

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I remember being Sea of Thieves killer or a reason for PS fans to laugh at SoT for what was going to be a fail. Yeah…

I seriously wonder what is taking it so long.

Open world game? What? Like a proper singleplayer game? hnnnnng

Im really hoping it’s single player. Not sure if i’ll like it as much if it’s like Sea of Thieves.

I did find a few articles saying that there would be some kind of single player mode, but they were all from 2017 so they might not be relevant anymore.

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Ah alright. Thanks for the heads up.

Well, that implies there is some sort of singleplayer. Yay!

Maybe it’ll be like a Division type deal. Where it’s entirely playable as a single-player game, but it’s evident throughout it’s best done with some friends.

This is what the Skull & Bones website says:

  • Hunt Solo or With Friends: Plunder alone or team up with other pirate captains to coordinate your efforts to loot the toughest enemies