Thread about Brad Sams report on Halo Infinite

This Twitter thread excellently puts most of the things brad sams said to rest basically

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Regardless of what’s true or not, it’s very apparent that there’s issues at 343 Industries that revolves around Halo Infinite. Phil Spencer needs to go in there, possibly make difficult changes if necessary and solve their shit because your $5B franchise is literally on the line so eliminate the Xbox One version which isn’t needed anyway due to the delay and eliminate the TV show. Concentrate 100% on the game because if the game flops, none of the other shit will matter whatsoever.

They already appear to have the combat, gameplay, audio down. They just need to work on the visuals and whatnot as well as making sure that the story and characters turn out great.


I honestly expected more from the original article by Brad Sams, it was a little underwhelming consideing and this Twitter thread helps articulate some of my own thoughts about the article.

While I’m sure there are issues at 343i, I’ll wait until there is something a bit more concrete before jumping to conclusions.

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I’m sure Phil and Matt booty had to of known whats going on

Knowing and doing something about it is two very different things.

Removing the Xbox One version serves no benefit. 343 has different managerial teams over transmedia and Infinite. The game will be great. Sometimes games just need more time.


HBO already invested a lot of money on the show, so I doubt they are going to cancel it. Eliminating the Xbox One version would cause a huge backslash so I doubt they do that. Besides the game was built around Xbox One so there’s no point on removing that version.

Is clear that theres’s been development issues, so I’m hoping they are able to put everything together at the end. It seems that they are almost there with the campaign except for the graphics. I think the reason why they decided to delay it was because the multiplayer was not gonna be ready by launch, and releasing a main line Halo game without multiplayer is a terrible idea.

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Removing the Xbox One version of the game IS going to be done regardless so better sooner rather than later. No reason for 343 to have to test out the game on 5 consoles and PC when they can cut down the workload in half to 3 because every version still has to go through QA, polishing and optimization. Plus, with the delay, they have X-Cloud. Xbox One is not needed and serves no real purpose.

As for the TV show, I would cancel it, here’s your money back, go away. One simple reason why - the GAME is of the most important, not TV, not action figures, etc. NO. The game. Because if the game bombs/flops, all that other stuff will not matter.

This has gone on since Xbox One. Always concentrating on everything but what’s most important - THE GAMES. All of that other stuff can still be done later on AFTER the game releases, not during. This makes no sense to me.

Look at The Witcher III, superb game. Excellent Netflix show. Not perfect but excellent nevertheless. Why? Because it was years AFTER the game released. Not during.

This is why majority are against Xbox/Microsoft, because they concentrate on everything but the games. GAMES, GAMES, GAMES. You succeed here, the rest will follow. It’s literally that simple.

Plus, this isn’t some no name game or some Indie, it’s freaking HALO. NOTHING should be more important or more of a focus than the GAME itself. If anything else, get out of gaming, period.

I understand people will disagree and feel differently which is perfectly fine but this is how I feel and see it. GAME first, everything else second.

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Brad is reliable source. If what he said is 100% accurated or not, it is pretty clear, after the gameplay reveal, that the game had development issues. I just hope they can fix whatever is needed to put out a game that halo deserves. There is a massive hype around this game and 343i doesnt have the luxury of screwing up again as they did with Halo 5 campaign.

Nah. Keep that tv show brother

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The show is being created at Showtime not HBO. So a refund is alot less likely lol

Thanks, I got them confused lol.

Seriously PLEASE just scrap the Xbox One and X version. It’ll suck and Phil will have to backtrack and damage control but its nothing he hasn’t done before. People will accept it and move on after a few weeks.

Despite all the rumors, all the bad PR, all the negative talk, if Halo Infinite turns out to be a stellar game, people will forgive and forget. No one ever looked at a game that turned out amazing and shunned it because it had a rocky development cycle

I really like brad reports, he is the only insider I can name him a true insider and what I’ll say below is not going to change my mind:

I think he is defending something didn’t loss, if he said Halo might ship in separate? then Phil confirms that was the reason for the delay, that’s it, that’s the prove. He Didn’t need to give another proves because I see lots & lots of holes in his last report.

Wasn’t his source told him that Halo Infinite was “ready” to show in E3 2019 with a huge leap in graphics that’ll put all current gen games as a last gen games? And today he claims the game development wasn’t going smooth and the problems began way back in 2015 & we witnessed the results in July’s Showcase.

Sorry his information is conflicting each other and can’t trust his sources in this one.

Besides Brad…

I think there is a lot of wrong expectations about Halo Inflinite “Xbox in general” whenever I talk with a friend or hear about it, I hear information that’s not official from Microsoft as a major features about the game! wonder if this is happening with other companies? But from my experience, I can confirm it is not happening with the others cause they have lots & specialist source covering there news which Microsoft lacks in my opinion.

I do appreciate what @Klobrille do & Xbox Wire & some YouTubers such Coalteastwood, Dealer Gaming but planet is huge and not everybody follows them.


Yea i follow all the rdx guys

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sk3tch responded

Well, that clears that up then. :flushed:

Brad is usually so reliable too…

Yeah, they really need to scrap the Xbox One version because no point sacrificing the series X/S version for hardware that is 8 years old. Also most likely not that much backlash tbh if they were to scrap the XB1 version especially if they deliver with the series X version. I think Phil needs to make the tough decision and scrap XB1 version of the game

  1. People shouldn’t be going at Brad just because they don’t like what he said
  2. It’s delayed. It’s off course. Doesn’t matter reasoning. This point is not disputable.
  3. There an entirely different creative team today than there was for Halo 5
  4. Watch Halo CE or Halo 2 behind the scenes documentaries
  5. Wait to see where and when it’ll land. That’s what ultimately will matter.