THPS 1+2 Demo impressions


Hello XboxEra, anyone else preorder the game and play the demo today?

What do you think to the game so far?

I’ve played about half hour or so of the demo tonight and actually really loving, it is just pure genuine fun.

I’m glad it has QOL features added from some of the later games like reverts, transfers, manual tricks and more.

My only complaint is, the warehouse isn’t the most exciting level, it is absolutely tiny and doesn’t have the most exciting trick lines.

I really hope the game gets supported as well as CTR did, with extra levels added (hopefully from THPS3, I would happily pay for them too)

Also I’m genuinely surprised how good it looks visually too!

My best combo from the demo so far (1.4 million score combo) , post your clips and impressions below :slight_smile:

Bonus, does the beginning of this song (song is in the game) remind anyone else of the Xbox series x reveal? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ps: you should definitely listen to Billy Talent - Surrender :slight_smile:


Yeeeep I’ll be grabbing this

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Demo won’t be coming for everyone? Only preorders?


Yeah sadly so.

I pre-ordered digital deluxe on my XBOX One, and then I installed this 100 meg file, but how do I play the demo?

Never mind found it!

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For anyone else wondering, you can either go to manage games and install from there, or search for the demo on the store :slight_smile:

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So everything mentioned in OP is accurate. The game looks and plays great.

Something felt off at first because the speed and air time wasn’t how I remembered it. Plus other tricks felt off ever so slightly… Then I realized my character hasn’t maxed his stats yet lol

Game will be a perfect 10/10 score from me.

Ps… I do have one major nitpick about the demo. As far as demos go, it is stingy. It doesn’t have the challenges from the original. No collecting s-k-a-t-e or combo etcetera. Sure these challenges will be in the full game but it’s a missed opportunity to play on my nostalgia for the original "demo " from back in the day.

Graphics are great, music is great, performance is great, and game play is spot on. Can’t really praise it any more. Seems flawless so far.

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This is annoying for me because a demo is what I need before buying. I want to see how it plays. In my head it’s perfect but my brain has lied to me before.

So I’m not going to buy this because I can’t get the demo that you get for buying it.

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Gotta remember you haven’t got any extra stats, you are playing a base stat character in the demo :stuck_out_tongue:

Hence not as fast and way lower air.

Which version have you guys preordered? Normal or the digital deluxe one?

Digital deluxe, but both come with demo :slight_smile:

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Is there a big difference? Or just some cosmetics?

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Just some cosmetics and an extra character I believe, nothing exciting :slight_smile:

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Yes, just cosmetics. A skeleton and some additional create a character items. I probably should have just kept my extra $10, but TH is back…so here’s an extra $10 for them. Ha.


I know it’s a demo but did anyone experience a drop in frames when playing it on the X1X like Matrix mode? Just want to know if I’m not the only one.

Sometimes when quickly restarting and going through the glass again, that’s the only time I’ve had that myself though.

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I really like the demo, it plays fantastic. My highest total score is ~ 350‘000, but I think a million should be possible with my 40years old rusty skills :smile:

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