Thoughts on Voodoo Vince Remastered?

I know the game is a little old now but I am sucker for platformers and this one caught my attention. I never played this one and the fact that it supports Play Anywhere is making me more interested in it.

Did you play this game? Did you like it?

Probably the most self-indulgent thing Phil gave the green light to.

It’s a solid game with an absolute banger of a soundtrack. I recommend trying it.

Finished it back in 2017, nothing big to praise here, it’s concept is old and graphics wouldn’t make it better, mediocre at best, maybe the best part are the comedic atmosphere and boss fights.

Director Clayton Kauzlaric did Super Lucky’s Tale and the 2nd DLC, it’s way better than Voodoo Vince and lately he directed a twin stick shooter game called Bartlow’s Dread Machine if you interested in his works, I don’t know if he still in Microsoft/ Xbox or left it ? I would like seeing him in a new Platform game.

Its Voodoo Vince, but remastered.

Its nothing ground breaking, but its a competent and generally enjoyable game.

Years ago, I picked up this title and played about 40% through but then got pulled off to some other title. Always been meaning to get back to it.

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Tale as old as time.

Thanks. Now I got that song stuck in my head.

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Why isn’t this on gamepass? Doesn’t Microsoft own it?

Ive 100 %'d the game. I typically attempt to give any 3d platformer a shot and have only played the remaster. I havent played in years but from what i remember it reminded me of conker in terms of some gameplay elements. It also has some pretty great writing.

Couldn’t finish, but I played until the last boss. There are lots of good ideas for platform games, but the more I played, the more I felt the floating mechanics just exists as a workaround because they couldn’t create a satisfying mechanic for jumping, which kills a game in which your main interaction is to jump.