Thoughts on a Fenix collection?


What do you all think about Gears of War getting the MCC treatment with a Fenix Collection? Been seeing a lot of people discussing it on Twitter so I was interested to see what people here think about it.

Personally, I’m totally on board for it to happen. Gears 1, 2, and 3 (maybe Judgement too) in one collection would be a great idea, those games should be glorious with 4K 120FPS on Xbox Series X. I have lots of great memories playing these games back in the Xbox 360 days so I’d love to replay these games with the enhancements. Perhaps Gears of War 2 could get a remaster as well like the first Gears of War did with the Ultimate Edition.

So I say, make the Fenix Collection happen!

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It feels less necessary since these games already have enhanced BC versions on Xbox One X. I’d replay the games for new achievements though. :slight_smile:


No, don’t waste time and resources.

Gears 1, 2 and 3 are already playable on xbox one x in 4k.

Gears 1, 2, 3 were great back in the day, and they’ve had their time to shine, you can go back replay them any time.

People need to move on, I want to enjoy new experiences.

I want them all hands on deck on gears 6 (& gears 5 operations)

Then I’d like to see Coalition work on a new IP, or the next gears game.

Plus fenix collection is a silly name, as Marcus Fenix is in gears 4 and 5 too. (delta squad would make more sense)

Remakes of games like thps, crash, spyro, resident evil, make sense as they are like psone games and are awful to play now.

Gears 1-3 are still very playable and look fine.

Maybe improve the frame rate to 60fps via BC (if it is possible)

But if they wasted the Coalition’s talent on remaking gears 1 again, and 2 and 3, I’d be beyond disappointed.

& I say this as gears as my fave franchise ever.


How would you feel if it was a third party studio developing it rather than The Coalition, so they spend minimal resources working on it?

Also the Fenix Collection is just a placeholder name, I doubt that’s what it would be called if it were actually released.

Gears of War 2, 3, and Judgement were never released for PC, so bundling them in a collection would be great for people to experience more games of the franchise on PC. And the idea wasn’t to give the games remakes, more so just enhancements to make them play at 4K 120FPS similar to how it was done for the MCC.

We do need Gears 2 and 3 on PC though.

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Let’s do it. The key joy of Halo: MCC to me wasn’t really having all the campaigns playable in one place, it was being able to load up Big Team Battle and play on a countless amount of incredible maps across four games.

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Gears 2 remake would be huge for me and plenty of people, just for campaign. Gears 3 remake would be fantastic for it’s multiplayer.

Yeah, I think Fenix Collection would be amazing and Gears as a franchise deserve to release on PC to, let this happen !

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I am torn but I lean towards this. It’s not necessary. But if MS paid a 3rd party developer and left the 1st party studios to focus on the new games I’d be ALL over it.

… but I wonder, now, if my Gamepass Ultimate subscription is clouding my judgment knowing it would be available there to play day one . . .

With the X enhacements I really don’t see the point, unless it’s a full blown remake like the RE ones.

Even a complete graphics only remaster seems unnecessary at this point.

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Can they not just port the 360 games with the 4k upscale and higher res/fps over to pc? (genuinely curious)

PC ports I would be more understanding off.

They probably could, if they wanted to. I would be fine if they just increased the framerate and resolution of the games and released that on Xbox and PC, though I just think it would be nice to bundle that in a collection and release it that way. I really like the presentation of the MCC, it feels nice to have the games together in a singular collection. They could also do it similar to the MCC where you can buy the games individually.

Yeah, I’d like that.

The Master Chief Collection is so much more than just HD remasters. It is so nice to have all those campaigns and multiplayers together at the same place, the cross-progression between games with all those medals, the instantly toggle between classic and remastered graphics… I think that Gears deserves that.

And I don’t believe working towards a Gears Collection would affect new games. 343i has been supporting the MCC all these years while working on Halo Infinite aswell.


Yea I would be in

Let the BC team make them all 60fps and 4k. But I sure won’t buy these games again.

At times, I still wonder why they didn’t remaster the entire trilogy five years ago when they did GOW UE. Oh well.

At this time, I would only want to see the original trilogy get remade ala Resident Evil and only if it’s by an external studio. In no way, shape or form would I have The Coalition work on them. I’m hoping for Gears 6 in Fall 2022 and then a new IP in Fall 2026/Fall 2027.

It’s GEARS! Do it. Replaying Gears with a fresh set of achievemnts. Yeah, there is no excuse not doing it…

The way I see it is very simple: Microsoft studios are among the best, if not the best, using unreal engine so they could take either a 3rd party studio or a small team of developers under the supervision of the Coalition to develop the collection.

As Anthony stated above, the visuals already hold up and the games look great with upscaling, better texture filtering, and so on. There is only one way to make the games look next generation, which leads me to a possible solution…

I think it would make sense for the Coalition to get their feet wet with Unreal Engine 5 by doing such a collection in UE5, and then working on the next Gears game with all the lessons learned.

Still, a side team working on this makes the most sense. They can share their experience with the main team working on the next Gears game. The next Gears game seems like it should be a priority, not any collection.

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This would be like a good idea

I have to say, I completely agree. And that is coming from the biggest gears fan. Let them go, we already had gears ultimate edition not long ago …

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