The xScreen from Upspec Gaming |OT| The *TRUE* portable Xbox

Hi All,

Today my Kickstarter order of the xScreen arrived complete with carrying case add on.

I thought I’d post some thoughts as and when I get a proper look at it, but to start with initial reaction is positive. Arrived well packed and has a light yet sturdy build, and hooks perfectly into the Series S.

The speakers are good enough for some gaming on the go from my brief test of the 1080 display seems of good quality.

Happy to answer any questions should anyone have any, and some more in depth reactions to come later.

From their website…

Key features:

  • 11.6" IPS screen which is the largest screen size available to fit within the Xbox Series S footprint
  • 1080p 60hz resolution, a perfect match for how most games are optimised for the Xbox Series S
  • Integrated stereo speakers
  • Built-in controls for screen settings and volume
  • Cable-free attachment solution - only original Xbox power cable required
  • Optional cross-hair overlay for use in FPS games
  • HDMI-CEC Xbox power off function on screen close to prevent overheating
  • Ability to swap colored latches (optional accessory)
  • Optional “stand-mode” orientation using stand feet (optional accessory)
  • Custom carry case enables transport of everything you need in the smallest possible form factor (optional accessory)

Some quick and dirty pictures for now:


This looks cool, reminds me of that screen accessory for the first PlayStation. I think if it had battery for a true true portable experience would be dope, but I’m sure since it’s not a portable system it would drain very fast.

How’s the experience in general, OP? Is it big enough or does games have text too small on screen?

Is there more? I may chip in. I just need Series S though.

I’ve only tried a little Dying Light 2 and some destiny 2 and it seemed a reasonable size, text etc was legible.

I was going to take a couple of pictures maybe a video of it in action as an example, but my camera was flat.

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Warning for anyone who’s looking into getting something like this: think I read a little while back that the manufacturers were dealing with copycats who made a cheaper crappier version faster. Allegedly that device is much more of a risk since it skimps on some safety stuff and might lead to fires. Grain of salt and all, but be mindful and don’t cheap out.


I mite buy this eventually

That’s cool and congrats.

Mine shipped and I can’t wait to try it out.

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It looks cool and I think it will work out well assuming the quality holds up. Honestly though, I think I would just get a regular monitor and just mount the Xbox to the monitor. I’m thinking about something similar to those work (office) setups with those small PCs that are mounted to the back of the monitor. It’d be a bit heavier/bulkier, but this thing isn’t exactly a handheld either.

I wonder if MS can support this in some way with manufacturing & distribution. It can be a “Designed For Xbox” partner. It surely would drive some Series S sales, no?

I did back this before I had a series S and it was the reason for buying my series S effectively.

Has anyone else gotten this?

I got mine last week and it’s super cool. The entire carrying case that holds the console/screen and a controller is still smaller than a PS5. Lol

The games look surprisingly good on this. Even though it’s 1080p at that size you get a much better DPI than a 1080p big screen tv.

Had it on my lap the other night playing while in bed. Was really an awesome experience and kudos to MS for creating the Series S. This thing might end up being the best thing this generation.


Does it gets hot to play with the Series S on your lap?

Viewing angles???

It does feel warm. It’s still cold so it felt welcoming. Not sure I’ll be saying the same in summer though. Most of the heat is rising up thru the circle grill so you’re not really feeling the real brunt of it though.

Im so glad I got the case too, it really is the cherry on top.

Played some Elden ring on this last week and perfectly playable… well it would be if you could play elden ring… That is to say I was no more hampered than I was on my series X and OLED.

Size really is much smaller than you’d expect, and if Microsoft had any decent E-rated games it would replace the switch for weekend trips. We’ll take this on our mountain climbing holiday in Austria this year for those days where the legs burn and the rain comes down.

I did see some people using the case as something to sit it on when using it in your lap. I admit I’ve tried neither, Mostly I have it tucked away on a side of my desk so I can pop it on in my lunch break.

angles can be viewed :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean its still a small laptop screen so you’re going to be facing it dead on and not at an angle 6 feet away, but the screen is legible when you’re looking at it side on, though god knows why you would want to :smiley:

Thats a smudgy camera


haha not side on lol

Seen the reviews for the other screens and apparently you have to be dead set right in front of them or the display fades away!

Think I’m sold on one of these…

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Love to see people using Rewards!

Kevin Kenson goes “walkies” with xScreen and the Series S

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The series S with Upspec screen is pretty much that 360 Laptop Ben Heck made back in the day :smiley:

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I’ll probably invest in this in the future.