The Wolf Among Us 2 (New Trailer) - Coming 2023

Bigby is back in 2023. Here’s the first full trailer for The Wolf Among Us 2.

I’m not sure if it is still coming to GP day one. Either way, I’m so hyped for this ! 2023 is still a long way though…

Full presentation by our friend Geoff Keighley :


Love me some Telltale, and wow, this looks great!

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They said the full game will be finished before the first episode releases, but the five episodes will still release over time.

The game still looks good though. 2023 feels too far away lol.

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I really like that they’re taking their time. I’ll be there day one.

And running on Unreal Engine, that’s reassuring. They said they are still in pre-production right now so it’s probably late 2023.


This is the type of game that I will preorder for full price just because I want to send the message: “More like this.” :smiley:

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First season was excellent and this look like a BIG upgrade in terms of visuals and how scenes are running


Noooooo, this I don’t like at all. The wait for each episode.

So well into 2024 then if eps release over time? Jesus.

IIRC they said are either releasing them altogether or releasing them very close to each other, no more waiting an eternity for each episode


The art design looks absolutely fantastic. Hope they nail the rest the same.

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Music to my ears!

Now if they can make a Tales from the Borderlands season 2 with this engine…